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In-game Sprite
Zagnoid Animation
ClassTower Destroyer
DescriptionZagnoid may look like a science experiment gone wrong, but they're actually highly adapted to the sulfuric fumes that permeate Inferno. They have a keen sense of smell that leads them directly to defensive towers.
Special AbilityDouble Damage to Defensive towers.
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Monster Information

"I smell them, those Defensive towers. Let me go in, I wanna wreck 'em!"

Zagnoid is an Inferno Monster that was first seen in the Wild Monster Invasion. It has somewhat high health and a decent movement speed.

Zagnoid's favorite target is Defensive Towers, and, like all other Inferno Monsters, it does double damage to them. At Level 1, it is as strong as an Octo-ooze. But when upgrading Zagnoid, it becomes comparable to Ichi and even Crabatron, making Zagnoid a very strong monster to inculde in your army. When your Zagnoid are Level 5, it is much stronger and cheaper than a Crabatron.

Upgrade Progression

Note: Stats are provided by World War 3.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Movement Speed 1.8kph 1.8kph 1.8kph 1.8kph 1.8kph
Health 1500 1820 2300 2800 3350
Damage 80(160) 85(170) 90(180) 95(190) 100(200)
Magma Cost Magma-icon7500 Magma-icon12,000 Magma-icon24,000 Magma-icon36,000 Magma-icon48,000
Housing Space 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces
Production Time 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s
Upgrade Cost Sulfur-icon16,000 Sulfur-icon4,800 Sulfur-icon9,600 Sulfur-icon14,400 Sulfur-icon19,200
Upgrade Time 4h 4h 8h 12h 16h


  • A Zagnoid can defeat an Ichi at the same level or if the Ichi's level is lower.
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