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In-game Sprite
Zafreeti Animation
RangeRanged, Healing has AoE
Favorite TargetAllies
DescriptionDeep from the Sahara, comes the mystical Zafreeti Healer. A slow, high health monster with healing capabilities
Special AbilityN/A
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Monster Information

"People say Magic is all an illusion. Sorcery and Witchcraft is all real. Just watch me heal the wounded."

Zafreeti is a monster with the ability to heal it's allies with an AoE (Area of Effect), which means that it heals multiple monsters within range at the same time. However, Zafreeti can only heal either ground troops or flying but cannot heal both types at the same time. Also, Zafreeti don't heal each other. The healing range and AoE of Zafreeti is currently unknown. However, it is very strong and useful, if you use it with high-health monsters (Octo-ooze, Ichi, Crabatron, Teratorn and D.A.V.E.) because they can wait for Zafreeti to be done with others. Remember that Zafreeti only heals 10% on Champion Monsters . Zafreetis heal 5 times a second.

A recent nerf to Zafreeti has been done, and now Zafreeti's heal is split between monsters in the healing ball's AoE. This means that if there was 3 Crabatrons and a Zafreeti's healing ball tried to heal them with 600 HP, the heal effect would be split among the Crabatrons. Each Crabatron would heal only 200 HP.

Upgrade Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 0.75kph 0.8kph 0.85kph 0.9kph 0.95kph N/A
Health 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 N/A
Damage 400 (heal) (2.000 hps) 550 (heal) (2.750 hps) 700 (heal) (3.500 hps) 850 (heal) (4,750 hps) 1,000 (heal) (5,000 hps) N/A
Goo Cost Goo-icon 120,000 Goo-icon 180,000 Goo-icon 256,000 Goo-icon 324,000 Goo-icon 468,000 Goo-icon N/A
Housing Space 200 spaces 200 spaces 200 spaces 200 spaces 200 spaces N/A
Production Time 40m 40m 40m 40m 40m N/A
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon6,192,000 Putty-icon6,192,000 Putty-icon7,800,000 Putty-icon12,000,000 Putty-icon18,000,000 Putty-iconN/A
Upgrade Time 2d 12h 1d 12h 2d 6h 3d 8h 5d 16h N/A


  • It looks like Zerg Overlord from Starcraft. David Scott likes Starcraft, which may be the reason why.
  • It is the second most spacious Monster, taking 200 spaces. The most spacious is Rezghul.
  • Zafreeti has the biggest non champion monster sprite.
  • Zafreeti and Vorg are the only monsters that will not attack harvesters, town hall, towers, and silos anything other than to heal the allies.
  • Zafreeti and Fang are the only monsters that after an upgrade, their health can't increase anymore.
  • Zafreeti and the inferno monsters are the only monsters don't have a level 6.
  • It is the first healing monster.
  • It is best using on healing a monster.
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