Quickly move some things around or completely remodel your layout! This building gives you a birds eye view of your yard and makes moving buildings a snip.

Building Information

The Yard Planner is a building that lets you redesign your yard more efficiently.

When in the Yard Planner, you have many options, including:

  • Moving buildings around with more accuracy.
    YP Pic

    The Yard Planner as it appears in-game.

  • Zooming in and out to make accurate measurements.
  • Storing buildings to make room for other buildings.
  • Finding out the levels of each of your buildings.
  • Checking the ranges of your towers.
  • Saving and loading yard layouts. ( two yard layouts and eight extra layouts if you joinD.A.V.E. Club .)

Buildings on the yard planner are resembled as rectangles on a 2D view of your yard. Each rectangle has a symbol on it, telling you which building it is at a glance. For example, if the building has a picture of a hatching egg, that building is a Hatchery. They are also colour-coded, making them easier to figure out which building category it is in.


  • By moving a tower to a position that the tower can't be at, such as outside your yard space, the range stays there, but the tower snaps back to its original position. This is good for leaving just the ranges of specific towers viewable. Though if you click on that tower again, the range will come back.
  • You can press the yellow button next to the X button near the top of the window to redesign in fullscreen mode.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Building Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Town Hall Level HP
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles
1 Twigs-icon 250,000 Pebbles-icon 250,000 12h 1h Twigs-icon 125,000 Pebbles-icon 125,000 3 16,000

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Yard Planner Yard Planner Damaged Yard Planner Destroyed


  • The New version of the yard planner came out on Friday, June 29, 2012 which will allow you to save and load yard designs and store stuff in your inventory, and an aerial,ground,traps range are also added .


  1. Next Generation Yard Planner [1] (Outdated)
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