General Information

Workers are the non-rebellious minions that are useful for building and upgrading anything in your yard. When you first start the game, you will have one worker at your disposal. Additional workers are sold in the General Store for increasing amounts of Shiny; you may expand your workforce to a maximum of five workers this way. During the tutorial, you will be asked to buy your second worker. Workers can pick the mushrooms that grow around your yard often.

Note: The Inferno Worker hates you but he will obey anyway.

Note: The only time a worker is mean to you is when it says "Make up your mind!"

Note: You cannot buy another inferno worker at the moment.

Number of Blue Workers Shiny Cost
1st Worker Free
2nd Worker 250
3rd Worker 500
4th Worker 1,000
5th Worker 2,000

Most players use 2 or 3 workers. An amount of 4 or 5 can be just a waste of shiny unless you're a shiny purchaser, or you have a vast empire.

Worker Replies

Respond types Worker Blue Worker I-Worker Inferno Worker
Walking Off to work Does my skin look blue to you?
On my way I wish Master Moloch were still here
I can do that If you insist
No problem! Have I told you how much I hate you?
In a Jiffy I guess I don't have a choice
I'm on it! All work and no play
Canceled Operation Make your mind up! Stop wasting my time
What was I doing? I hate you more everyday
Oh, OK! Screw you!
Changed your mind? And you wonder why I hate you
Finished Construction Hope you like it Don't like it? Tough!
That was easy
All done Your approval is meaningless
All in a days work
Lookin' good! Hope you hate it
All done boss Can you leave me alone now?
Job done!
Finished Repairs All fixed up! Too bad I can't fix you
Any more drudgery for me to do?
As good as new You're nothing but a slave driver
Moloch is still my master
Finished Upgrade A big improvement Looks a little less lame now
Much better One day I'll get my revenge
All done Nothing you can do will make me like you
All in a days work My hatred for you has no limits
All done boss


  • Occasionally a worker will stop an upgrade and say "What was I doing?". If you start the worker on a different project you will not lose the resources you invest, as it will resume the upgrade after a page refresh. (this is probably not a glitch)
  • There is a bug where the blue worker will keep jumping when idle. You may have to refresh the page if you experience this. Here is a video of the jumping worker bug:
    Worker doesn't stop jumping glitch

    Worker doesn't stop jumping glitch.wmv


  • Workers are featured as the main character in the minigame which appears during maintenance. Attack of the Pokies, where they must be guided around Pokies to gather mushrooms.
  • Workers look a lot like blue pokeys.
  • It is first seen that can jump, the second was malphus.
  • The red worker looks like a worm.
  • Inferno Worker seems has no like to the player.
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