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Wild Monster Invasion
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DateNovember 10 - 20,2011
Reward(s)Victory Totem Pole
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Hit hard by an unexpected scarcity of resources, all four Wild Monster Tribes have banded together and are hatching an army of epic proportions to raid Yards and stockpile for the winter. Be prepared for wave after wave of attacks. If you survive, a special prize awaits.


Reward Image Reward Name Requirement(s)
Victory Totem Pole 1 Victory Totem Pole Survive wave 1.
Victory Totem Pole 2 First Upgrade (Victory Totem Pole) Survive wave 10.
Victory Totem Pole 3 Second Upgrade (Victory Totem Pole) Survive wave 20.
Victory Totem Pole 4 Third Upgrade (Victory Totem Pole) Survive wave 30.
Victory Totem Pole 5 Victory Totem Pole (Gold) Survive bonus wave 1.
Victory Totem Pole 6 Victory Totem Pole (Black Diamond) Survive bonus wave 2.

Event Information

All 4 Wild Monster Tribes will band together to stock up for the winter and are starting to hatch monster armies of epic proportions, leading to an event named the Wild Monster Invasion.

The Wild Monster Invasion is an event that began on November 11, 2011 and ended on November 20, 2011 (Originally on November 17, but was extended due to the bonus waves). The event allowed players to defend themselves from 30 waves of Wild Monsters, one wave at a time. This was David Scott's first attempt in making events as a staple in KIXEYE games.

This event also featured 3 New Monsters, Spurtz, Zagnoid, and Sabnox. These 3 Monsters were not unlockable until January 2012.

Due to the success of this event, the Wild Monster Invasion event had a sequel.


There were 30 waves total, each becoming more difficult than the wave before.

3 New Monsters, which were Spurtz, Zagnoid, and Sabnox, made their debut in the event.




  • This was the first event to have a sequel.
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