Vorg Animation


Vorgs are designed for low level players for healing, so it's especially useful (Can't have all the top caste players to bug it all, right?). Unless you unlocked Zafreeti, use Vorg's healing power. As Vorg and Zafreeti are the ONLY monsters that can heal. They are better to use with non-champion monsters as they also heal only 10% to the champions and they only have 60 heal at level 1 which means that the Vorg will only heal 6 health to champions which is not useful at all if your champion is dying.

Here are the pros and cons of Vorg:

  • Pros
  • Can easily heal low health monsters.
  • Good to pair up with Slimeattikus.
  • Useful if you have goo shortage.
  • Flies.
  • Can be useful in swarms.
  • Very useful to lower leveled players who can't afford Zafreeti.
  • Faster than Zafreeti.
  • Cons
  • Compared to Zafreeti, Vorg is much weaker.
  • 3 shots from a level 2 ADT can easily kill level 1 Vorgs.
  • Low health compared to Zafreeties.
  • Heals only 6 to champs if Vorgs are level 1.
  • It doesn't help high health monsters like D.A.V.E much since Vorgs have low heal.
  • A level 6 ADT can easily destroy a small swarm of Vorgs.

Overall, Vorg is a very good addition to lower levels without Zafreeti, but it is quite useless when you have already unlocked the Zafs.


Much like Zafreeti and Teratorn, Vorgs can't be bunkered.

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