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In-game Sprite
Valgos Animation
ClassWall Buster
Favorite TargetWalls
DescriptionValgos are made for burrowing through the ashy debris of Inferno. Their massive maws enable them to crunch through and swallow walls with little effort.
Special AbilityDoubles damage when attacking walls
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Monster Information

This is a new monster. It appeared in your Inferno yard. It can be unlocked with a Strongbox.

Valgos is essentially a reusable Eye-ra, because Valgos targets walls, but doesn't blow up. However, because it doesn't blow up, it only targets one Block at a time. Therefore, it is useful to send a group of Valgos at a wall, instead of just one.

It is a good idea to send Valgos to a base where there are no standing Blocks, because Valgos's high damage can be used on other buildings.

Upgrade Progression

Note: Stats are provided by World War 3.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Movement Speed 2kph 2kph 2kph 2kph 2kph
Health 2,000 2,400 2,800 3,200 3,600
Damage 490(980) 530(1060) 580(1160) 645(1290) 700(1400)
Magma Cost Magma-icon93,000 Magma-icon105,000 Magma-icon117,000 Magma-icon132,000 Magma-icon150,000
Housing Space 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces
Production Time 22m 30s 17m 30s 12m 10s 11m 15s 9m 45s
Upgrade Cost Sulfur-icon38,400 Sulfur-icon38,400 Sulfur-icon76,800 Sulfur-icon115,200 Sulfur-icon153,600
Upgrade Time 16h 18h 1d 12h 2d 6h 3d 0h


  • It is one of the only two monsters that mainly targets walls.
  • It is the only burrowing Monster not related to Wormzer.
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