The first 1 - 7 days

At an early level, you should focus on upgrading Resource and Defensive buildings while your starter protection is still active. However, it is also advised that you unlock monsters (Pokey , Octo-ooze and Fink at least) so when the seven days protection has expired you will be able to attack other players with relative ease - an army of Pokeys is going to get you nowhere! A monster bunker is also needed for when you come out of starter protection, as it offers great defensive advantages to your yard. Laser and Tesla towers are also useful, but a bunker should be your first priority. Also, any starter shiny you have left should be spent on a second and third worker. After that, yard expansions, increased packing skill perks or saved for other permanent upgrades that can only be purchased with shiny.

7+ days

This is it - assuming you haven't squandered your Starter Protection away attacking other players before this date, you are now open to attack, and can attack others without losing any sort of protection! Here is a checklist of what you should aim for in the foreseeable future:

  • Level 5 Town Hall - this is when the game really starts to heat up (Recommended this to be before you start with the rest of the guide) - if you have not managed to get this before your starter protection expired (not many players do, so do not worry if you have not), now is the time, as it has many benefits: higher level buildings and more housing space are only a few of these.
  • Unlock more monsters - essential, really. The sooner you unlock Zafreeti or Vorg, the new healer, the better, as if you complete these tasks early on you have a massive advantage over rivals - if you play your cards right, you have a practically invincible army of monsters at your fingertips!
  • Choose your champion, and get feeding - good for offense, good for defence, free to hatch, free to use: you would be mad not to get one. Which champion you choose is up to you, but personally I would choose Drull for its farming abilities - powerful on its own, overwhelming with other monsters, a low level yard does not have much of a chance against one. Combined with Zafreeti's healing, you will be on to a winner!
  • Properly design your yard - So, you think your yard is good? Think again. No matter what you think of your yard, it is always going to have problems. This is where the forums come in handy. If you want to become a "Pro", this is the place to be - not only will you be able to read guides on yard building and other topics, but you will also be able to ask for direct advice in addition to that! Just click on the 'Discuss' tab at the top of the Backyard Monsters frame on Facebook, and you will be sent to the right place!
  • ATTACK - I cannot say much more on the importance of this. Backyard Monsters was never designed to be another FarmVille, and consequently logging in the bank and build every day does NOT make you a good player. If you want to be successful, you want resources, yes? And what do you gain from attacking - just that! Also, never show weakness - that is fatal. If someone attacks you, attack them back with twice the force and thrice the vigor - show them that messing with you is not a good idea!

I think that is all I have to say. I hope this advice has been useful to you and many others who are just starting out in Backyard Monsters - thanks for your time!


(credit to 'Muni Das' for the first sentence!)

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