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1 : Introduction | Table of Contents


Why did I made this guide?
It Seems all the attacking guides are rather old or outdated. Plus Im bored.
This Guide wont tell a step by step instruction to destroy a base because nothing is always the same. This Guide will teach you how to counter almost every single thing a base can throw at you.

All you need to do now
is to formulate the waves of monsters
Wave 1-3 can Be Tower Waves
And Wave 4 for Looting

Table Of Contents

1 : Introduction | Table of Contents

# 2 : Know the Towers Snipers, Teslas, Lasers and CannonsADT's, Bunkers and Railguns

# 3 : Know your Army(Monsters) Anything Monsters
Resource and Tower Monsters'Special Monsters

4 : Checking Pathing

5 : The Catapult

6 : Damage Protection Rules

7 : How to Counter Base Design Defenses

8 : 3 Types of Yards and Taking them down

9 : Simple Ways to take out Outposts Efficiently

10 : Popular and Practical ways of Attacking

11 : Frequently Asked Questions

12 : Glossary and Abbreviations


This Guide will be updated Regularly

# 2 : Know the Towers

Attackingguide2-1Attackingguide1-1Snipers and Teslas

Description of Teslas

Talk about evil science, this high voltage tower fries any enemy that gets within range. Upgrade to improve number of shocks per charge, damage per shock, and range.

Description of Snipers

Long range, high damage, but slow to reload. This tower picks off enemy monsters before they even get close. Protect a larger area with this tower.

How to attack them

Both are high powered but slow firing towers. Built to attack high health and expensive monsters. Best way to counter this towers is to spam them with low health and inexpensive monsters(like octo-oozes and ichis) its also good to accompany the monsters with zafreeti. And also dont use teratorns against this towers since teslas and snipers can also attack air.

Attackingguide2Attackingguide1Lasers and Cannons

Description of Lasers

Deadly and fast, this plasma energy tower burns any invading enemy at the speed of light. Great for taking out packed groups of monsters. It can knock out any number of monsters, though it's damage is not shown.

Description of Cannons

Short range but high damage, this tower shells explode on impact, great for taking out tightly-packed groups like a laser tower.

How to attack them

Short range but deadly to packs of monsters, This towers are pokeys worse nightmare. Although they have good splash damage after the release of zafreeti this towers are proved to be almost worthless. Although you need some putty support if your not planning on adding zafreeti into the mix when taking down the lasers.



This is a fast-firing cannon with splash damage designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action. The Aerial Defense Tower (ADT) is the primary air defense option to stop flying monsters from demolishing your base.

How to attack

it If the ADT's are catapultable, catapult them. A lot of bases put their ADT's near silos if your good at catapulting go for it. Its a must to destroy the ADT before sending in some flying monsters.



A defensive tower, the Monster Bunker differs from conventional towers in the game as its mode of attack is to release monsters that have already been bunkered in it beforehand.


Bunkers are also a threat on your quest to destroy someones yard. So if the bunkers are catapultable, catapult them until they get damaged (around 50% of its HP). Not like the ADT you dont need to destroy them completely to stop them from releasing monsters.
A damaged bunker looks like the image below.



If they are not catapultable you need to bait (that if the bunkers are baitable) them.
Usually they are filled with either
Rocket Daves or Eyeras


To bait eye ras you need pokeys or ichis. Pokeys are best if theres no other tower in range. Use Ichis if you think they get attacked by towers before they have contact with the eyeras.

To bait Rocket daves its gonna be a little tricky you need eyeras and some crabatons. First fling some crabatons near the bunker then once the daves come out, fling in the eyeras as close as the daves as possible. Since your monsters will only attack the bunker monsters if the bunker monsters attack first. The trick is to let the daves attack the eyeras, since eyeras explode when they die they trigger the other eyeras to die and since they have splash damage they kill the daves.



An electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of rails, the Railgun Tower makes up for its limited range with high damage and an infinite line of fire.

How to attack it

One of the newest towers of Bym considered to be a big threat if you send in some monsters without zaf or putty support. Remember it has limited range but it generates an infinite line of fire. Never send in some ichis without zaf or putty support to destroy this tower. You either send in some crab or ichis with zaf or putty support to destroy this or catapult it if you must.

Know Your Army

Anything Monsters


Pokey UAG


Like a swarm of ants, a roaming pack of Pokeys can devour a grown cow in less than five minutes.

How to use Pokeys:

Pokeys are your basic monster, potent in a group(Pokey Bomb) and strong. But always watch for lasers and booby traps those can vaporize pokeys in less than a second. Good for baiting Eyeras out of Bunkers and for looting wave.

FINK/Fink with claws



Found deep inside Amazonia, Fink's chemo-receptors make its attacks deadly accurate.

How to use Finks:

Just like Pokeys, Finks are vulnerable to booby traps and lasers. Best used in looting waves. He can now slaughter/attack multiple buildings at once therefore making him an ideal looting monster since it loots faster now

BANDITO/Bandito Whirlwind



Bandito's thick exoskeleton and impeccable accuracy make it the perfect monster assassin.

How to use Banditos:

Just like Pokeys and Finks, Banditos are vulnerable to booby traps and lasers. Best used in looting waves. But if you have the whirlwind ability it will damage all monsters around him, making it a good monster for using 10mil putty with.

FANG/Fang with venom



Fang's bite releases a toxic venom which liquidates any target.

How to use Fangs:

Just like Pokeys, Finks and Banditos, Fangs are vulnerable to booby traps and lasers. Some say fangs are also good with 10mil putty. If Venom is research enemy monsters or buildings will still take damage even after Fang's first bite because of the venom. Good against Drull and Gorgo.

D.A.V.E/D.A.V.E. Rockets



D.A.V.E. only listens to his master and has a habit of completely destroying bases.

How to use D.A.V.E.s:

Best For attacking with Zafs or 10mil putty. They are also good for putting on bunkers. If you have rockets the better. Rockets gives Daves some range to attack and it enables Daves to attack air.

Special Anything Monsters

TERATORN/Teratorn with Ricochet



With its swift wings and fiery breath, the flying Teratorn rains death from above.

How to use Teratorns:

First Flying monster released. Can only be attacked by Snipers,Teslas and ADT. Super effective if ADT is destroyed and accompanied by zaf and fomor. Ricochet also helps.

WORMZER/Wormzer Splash Damage



Wormzer utilizes his burrowing ability to launch surprise attacks and evade even the toughest walled defense.

How to use Wormzers:

Doesn't path walls and its the fastest moving monster in the game. Super strong if it splash damage is researched and accompanied with 10mil putty.

Resource Monsters

Resource Monsters are monsters that attacks RG's, Silos and Townhall. If you ever used them you will notice sometimes they munched on an RG and stops without even destroying the whole RG. Thats because they are very efficient on looting time since when the RG is already empty they will just stop munching and moves to another target. And also, Bolts and Brains loots 20% more resources. BOLT/Bolt Teleportation Description: Bolt is fast as lightning and can run ahead of your other monsters to munch on buildings with its razor sharp teeth. How to use Bolts: Best if you use them in clearing out and SDT or THDT. And will be more fast if you researched teleportation.

BRAIN/Brain Invisibility



Cunning and greedy, Brain's pulsating cerebral cortex and high intelligence make him perfect for looting resources.

How to use Brains:

Best for looting since its attack is pretty decent and you loot 20% more resources. If you researched Invisibility, Brains cant be attacked by towers if its moving.

Tower Monsters

Well, they attack towers first.


Octo-ooze UAG

Description: The slimy Octo-ooze soaks up fire power like a sponge so other monsters can wreak havoc.

How to use Octo-oozes: Good for baiting out some eyeras out of bunkers. While this monster is good, You will probably should expect Octo-oozes inside high CF bases(prone to 10mil project x).




Discovered in the peak of Mt. Fuji, Ichi is one of the deadliest monsters and can withstand intense damage from towers and booby traps.

How to use Ichis:

Awesome if paired with Zafreeti for tower waves. And also a lot better than Octo-ooze it can survive a booby trap explosion.


Crabatron UAG


Using its claws to snap towers like twigs, Crabatron strikes fear into the heart its enemies.

How to use Crabatons:

Awesome if paired with Zafreeti for tower waves like ichi except its better. High health, Low damage.

PROJECT X/Project X Acid Spores


Description: A government experiment gone terribly wrong, Project X is programmed to attack defense towers in battle.

How to use Project X's:

Popular for the 10mil Project X strategy. Completely the opposite of Crabatons, Project X's have high damage but low health. If you researched Acid Spores, Your Project X's when dying should shoot out deadly/damaging acid to its surroundings.

Special Monsters

EYE-RA/Eye-ra with Airburst



Warning : Eye-ra's chemical make-up combusts within close proximity to any wall.

'H'ow to use Eye-ras

When eye-ras were first released they were only use to destroy blocks but when the bunkers were released they are now widely used to bait monsters. If Airburst is researched Eye-ras can now attack air monsters(fomor,teratorn and zafreeti). Now you can use eye-ra for killing fomor since it can now jump while still dealing damage on the ground.


Zafreeti UAG


Deep from the Sahara, comes the mystical Zafreeti Healer. A slow, high health monster with healing capabilities

How to use Zafreetis

Commonly use with ichis or with champions. Heals Monsters




(permission error with uploading Drull's image from the guide)


Covered in red obsidian scales, this two-headed beast delivers overwhelming damage during attacks.

'H'ow to use Drull: Drull, the champion with the highest attack but have so low health. Drull always needs Zafreeti support due to its low health.

How to Kill Drull

Drull+Zaf = Dead Drull
Fomor+Daves+Zaf = Dead Drull
Teratorns+Zaf = Dead Drull
Gorgo+Zaf = Dead Drull
Teratorns+Fomor+Zaf = Dead Drull
Mass Fangs with Venom = Dead Drull

That's just to name a few combos.


(permission error with uploading Gorgo's image from the guide)


Discovered inside the Bermuda Triangle, Gorgo is a powerful 'tank' monster of simian origin.

How to use Gorgo:

The Tank Champion. Works best if used to tank the booby traps on SDTs. Also good against rocket daves in bunkers.

How to Kill Gorgo

Daves+Zaf = Dead Gorgo
Fomor+Daves+Zaf = Dead Gorgo
Drull+Zaf = Dead Gorgo
Gorgo+Zaf = Dead Gorgo (Assuming you have the same or higher level Gorgo)
Teratorns+Zaf = Dead Gorgo
Mass Fangs with Venom = Dead Gorgo

That's just to name a few combos.


(permission error with uploading Fomor's image from the guide)

Known in the northern isles as the "Flying Frog of Death", Fomor's presence provides a "buff" to your monster army.

How to use Fomor:

The Buff Monster. Enrages monsters like it has somekind of putty sprinkler within its range. Best when attacking with teratorns and zafreetis.

How to Kill Fomor

Dave Rockets = Dead Fomor
A group of monsters+Zaf = Dead Fomor

That's just to name a few combos.

Tip: Better to feed your champion everyday so your champion will have buffs.

Check the Pathing Of the targets yard

When attacking or visiting a yard, watch for blocks aligned like the yellow and violet part because monsters wont path on those kind of alignment, Monsters will just walk right through.


The Catapult


The catapult is a siege weapon used to destroy building with range.



Pebble Pebble Radius


Twig Twig Radius


To Catapult or not to Catapult..... That's the question

When Catapulting find clumped up towers. Best towers to catapult are Lasers,Teslas,ADT and even Bunkers.
You should catapult something like this!


Doesn't matter if it has RG's around it because RG's doesnt trigger DP fast. But Just Avoid Hitting Silos


Damage Protection

This is What you commonly get when attacked. But How is it Triggered?


On a Yard

- You attacked a yard 4 times in one hour. That yard gets 1 hour DP
- You destroyed more than 50% of a yard. That yard gets 1 day and 12 hours of DP

On Outposts
- You destroyed more than 25% of an Outpost. That Outpost gets 1 hour DP


How to take down Base Design Defenses

The NEC(Never Ending Chain)



NEC is a never ending chain of useless buildings(Buildings that doesn't give Loot)
Nec Is used to counter Teratorns, or other "anything" Monsters.

How to counter it

Assuming you already destroyed all the towers. Now with your looting wave make a batch of pokeys or anything to eat up a section of the nec.
Then Fling in your looting wave to that exact area where the Nec was eaten up. That way your looting wave will not go to the Nec and Instead head on to the main target (Silos,RG's and TH).

Eye-ra Bait



Designed by Base designers to negate the use of eye-ras to clear bunkers.

How to counter it

You Just Need to bring more eye-ras when baiting the bunkers or send in crabs or chis first until the bunker monsters are far from the eye-ra bait(blocks).




Designed by Base designers to make booby trap the last line of defense for their yards.

How to counter it

Assuming you already took out all the towers. You Just Need some bolts fling them at the same time or even ahead of the looting wave. Bolts are fast since they are fast they will always be the first to enter the SDT its a cheap sacrifice than loosing your expensive looting monsters. Another way is just using Daves for looting with zaf. And the fail proof tactic is using teratorns for looting since they fly.

3 Types of Yards and Taking them down

High CF Base



Usually Cataprone and PPx Prone.

How to take down towers

Your best bet will be using 10mil putty on Project X's or Nuke the yard.

Moderate CF Base



It doesnt have high or low CF just right.

How to take down towers

If you cant catapult the bunkers and ADT, Use 10mil putty on Project X's (make sure to take down ADT and empty the bunkers) then follow it up with Ichis/crabs with zaf/putty support.

Low CF Base(Spread Out)



Always Cataprone, not ppx prone and its impossible to get all towers in one wave.

How to take down towers

Catapult ADT and bunkers or bait the bunkers then send in 2 waves of ichi/crab with zaf/putty support.

Simple Ways to take out Outposts Efficiently

Okay We will Have 2 Types of Outposts

Moderate Outposts and Large Outposts

Moderate Outposts

Description: An Outposts that was build from scratch or built from the First Starter Kit.



How to Destroy it Efficiently


Large Outposts

Description: An Outposts that was made from the 2nd and 3rd starter kit


Large1 How to Destroy it Efficiently


Using Champions on Final Wave Always Helps.

Popular and Practical ways of Attacking

One Wave Base Attacking

First up is the Putty Style plus any monster combo. Pokey, Dave, Fink, Fang, Bandito, Brains, Bolts, Wormzer, Teratorn + 10 mil Putty = Awesome result except using zaf (Only good for low level Bases) If your using daves its always a good idea to make at least 2 zafs (and make sure ADT is destroyed when you fling in Zafs) When doing Teratorn Rage make sure the ADT are unusable before the Rage disappears (just cataopult it if your not sure that the Teras can hit them in time) Examples

Wormzer 10 million putty

Wormzer 10 million putty

Wormzer + 10million Putty by Pivotman88/Kole Spicer

22 DAVE's 10m Putty = DEATH

22 DAVE's 10m Putty = DEATH

'Daves + 10 million Putty by 'soulofasiren917

Fang 10 Million Putty= Me happy

Fang 10 Million Putty= Me happy

Fangs + 10 million Putty by alexthekiller25

Banditos ghosts on 10 million putty watch in hd

Banditos ghosts on 10 million putty watch in hd

Banditos + 10 million Putty by Pivotman88/Kole Spicer

10/11 Dave plus Zaf attack. Also a common tactic.
Basically you make sure. ADTs and Bunkers are unusable(Catapult and Bait). It should level a base with no problem. To make it more good you can also add a dash of 10mil putty at the start to make it fullproof.

Heres a Video by Raz0r2312

Backyard Monsters Zafreeti D.A.V.E

Backyard Monsters Zafreeti D.A.V.E. = Destruction

But sometimes those methods isnt enough for a fully level up base.
Thats when the 2 wave style of attacking come in. All you have to do is follow
the "3 Types of Yards and Taking them down" section of the guide to take down the towers. And use a looting wave. Which can contain any monster from pokeys to daves well except zafreetis. Remember to always take note how to counter SDT's and Necs which are in the "How to take down Base Design Defenses" section of the guide.

Glossary and Abbreviations

(EASTER EGG: Find a term that is not BYM related)
Press CTRL+F to find what you want to know.
BYM= Backyard Monsters
HCC= Hatchery Control Center
ST= Sniper (Or Snipe as known last time) Towers
CT= Cannon Towers
LT= Laser Towers
TT= Tesla Towers
ADT= Aerial Defense Tower
SDT= Silo Death Trap (A ring of BoobyTraps around the Silos and Town Hall.)
ODT= Outpost Death Trap. (Something like the SDT)
WMT= Wild Monster Tribes
WM= Wild Monsters/World Map
ODST= Orbital Drop Shock Troopers ftw
WMB= Wild Monster Baiter
UM= Universal Map
OP= Outposts. After destroying 90% of a base, you can take that base over, its called an Outpost.
NOOB= Commonly used to refer to a new player, or a player which doesn't know anything. PX= Project X
PX10PR= Project X with 10 Million putty rage.
PPX= Project X with 10k/100k/5M/10M putty rage.
TH= Town Hall
Traps= Booby Traps.
RG= Resource Gatherer
CF= Concentration of Firepower/ Concentrated Firepower.
Silo Death Trap= Arranging your traps to destroy any looting waves trying to loot your Silos.
Entrances= An opening for monsters to enter your base. (Best used at the strongest point of your base.)
Branching= Monsters split into two groups to make it easier to handle. (Done with placing a block at the end of your Entrance.)
DP= Damage Protection.
Layouts/STY Terms
Horseshoe= Says it all
Sandwich= A base that has two thick walls surrounding two sides of TH/Silos.
NECORG= A ring of Resource Gatherers around your base.
NEC= Never Ending Chain. Formed using useless buildings (E.G. Hatcheries, General Store ETC.) to create an outer layer of your base.
NECOD= Something like a NEC, except that the buildings are useless (General Store, Monster Locker, ETC)
NEPOH= Fixed base, now useless (LOL)
BDB= Big Dumb Bunch. All towers squeezed together, No places in between. Used to be the strongest layout until the catapult came in.
BBDB= Bigger/Better Big Dumb Bunch. A gap of a block is in between a tower in a BDB for
making it harder to catapult.
VBDB= V shaped BDB, i think.
Donut= A ring of towers that surrounds the TH.
Eye Of Sauron,(A.K.A EOS)= A bigger ring around the TH, But somehow has a CF than the Donut.
The Queue= Two towers together forming a line. Usually place with a General Store beside it to make it anti Catapultish.
The Barbie= EXTINCT
Ace Of Spades= An old layout of a BBDB but shaped like an ace.
Checkerboard= A layout which looks like a checkerboard, (EG Black squares are Towers and red squares are Factories.)
Advanced and Randoms
Zombie Ghosts= A group in this forums which uses invisible words.
Troll= People who talk about things that are unrelated to the main post. (E.G. The main post is Help my base and if someone comments on that post and says who love donuts?, He is a troll. - Stop trolling and stop talking off topic!
Ninja= Most hated people who steals the loot of someone who has taken out all the towers.
(E.G. John uses 3 attacks to take out the towers of Mary. John prepares Pokeys to loot Mary's base, But while producing Steve, Who happened to produce some monsters saw that the towers of Mary's have been all taken out, Went to attack Mary. When John produced all his monsters, He realised that Mary's yard is totally destroyed. Steve is now a stupid idiotic Ninja.) - Did you just steal the loot? Stop being a Ninja!
Nuke= Referred to 10M pebble catapults, 2M pebble catapults, 5M twigs, 10M putty and 5M putty catapults.- Hey guess what I just nuked someone's silos! But i didn't get any loot....
Bump= To make a thread alive again, Or make it reach to the first post in a certain section.-Bump this old sleepy thread
Blazingaa= Another word to bump a thread. - You don't need an explanation for this, do you?
Decor= Decorations.- How did you save 500 shiny to buy the Statue Of Liberty decor?
Shiny= Perhaps the most valuable thing in Backyard Monsters. You can use it for almost anything in the game. - (Need not find a sentence, right?)
Acad= Academy.-Upgrade your Acad and upgrade your monsters!
MH= Monster Housings- Protect your MH or keep it under tower range to prevent n00bs!
Book Of Dweeb= APR's Stories of BYM- Stop being a Dweeb! You can't repair BoobyTraps!Link=
MB= Monster Bunker.
Cowbell= You need more CF. - Get more Cowbell!
Spammer= Referred to a person double posting the same thing, or trolling multiple times.- Stop posting more than twice of the same post, spammer!
Samurai= Gentlemanly Beings. (EG. A is attacking B. A used up 2 attacks to destroy some towers. C saw A working so hard and decided to help A, that he used some Ichis to help A destroy B. C used the 3rd wave, But after attacking he does not loot for A. A uses the 4th attack to loot B. C is now a Samurai.) - I just met some Samurai! What a gnome!
ADVS= Advertisers.- Oh mee gosh! Advertisements of p0rn!
SS= Soul Stealing/Stealer- Don't click that link! Its a SS!
IMBA= Unbalanced.- Your base is good? Nah, its IMBA-ed
IMBA (ALT)= Something like Professional or pro.-Woah, Radical's base is IMBA!
OP= Overpowered.- Your layout is so great!!! Too UP-ed!!
UP= Underpowered.- Gee your base sucks the tower levels are so UP!
OP (Alternate)= Overpowered.-Urgh the Teratorns can destroy many Cannons/Lasers without getting a scratch! Way too OP!

NOOB= A person who is lousy at the game but acts like he knows everything.Wow you noob I can't believe how you thought that D.A.V.Es could fly!

Credits to Radical

Credits Me for the Guide TKS Membersand Cyrus for some tips MattZero for the Banner Habs Fan, Matthew Toothaker, Zexuan and Patrick O'Connor for their past guides BYM Wiki for some descriptions and the GIF files
YuckFou for Twig and Pebble Radius KURT2

Thanks for Reading and I hope you learned.

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