This building unleashes a powerful tick lightning that can zap your Monsters in a second! 

-This can hit arial and ground monsters!

-Its lightning is just like the lightning that TESLA Tower Gives but 4 Times Ticker!

Building Information

Unbuildable Building but will be provided when you take over this. It grants you Offensive and Defensive bonus.


  • Boost the Defenses of your Outposts & Main Yard within a specific range.
  • Increase your attacking strength within that specific range.
  • Different Levels represent farther ranges of strength & stronger health
  • You can Fling within your Stronghold's range without paying a Battle Initiation Cost.
  • Overlapping Strongholds stack the Stronghold defensive and offensive buffs

Stronghold Stats - Stronghold Defense & Offense Ranges:

  • Level 30: 10 cell range
  • Level 40: 20 cell range
  • Level 50: 30 cell range

- Stronghold Defensive Buff to:

  • Level 30: +10% damage
  • Level 40: +20% damage
  • Level 50: +30% damage

Building Progression

Structure Level 1
Normal Stronghold 1
Damaged Stronghold Damaged 1
Destroyed Stronghold Destroyed 1


- Attacking a high level stronghold (even if you fail) with octo-oozes will trigger a glitch that will allow you to hatch Korath and build two Black Diamond Spurtz Towers, but you will still need inferno resources and monsters to upgrade them.

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