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Unlocks new monsters that can be created in the Incubator.

Unlocking Monsters

Strongbox Level Monster Image Monster Name Resources Needed Unlocking Time
1 Spurtz Spurtz Free -
Zagnoid Zagnoid Sulfur-icon 4,800 4hr
2 Valgos Valgos Sulfur-icon 38,400 18hr
Malphus Malphus Sulfur-icon 76,800 18hr
3 Balthazar Balthazar Sulfur-icon 614,400 1d
Grokus Grokus Sulfur-icon 1,228,800 1d
Sabnox Sabnox Sulfur-icon 2,457,600 2d
4 King Wormzer King Wormzer Sulfur-icon 4,915,200 3d


  • It's the Inferno counterpart of the Monster Locker .
  • It looks the same when upgraded, unlike the Monster Locker.
  • It serves the same purpose as the Monster Locker.
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