In-game Description

Your very own Backyard Shotgun! This cannon fires a spurtz militia to do your bidding - Just what you need to stop groups of invaders dead in their tracks.

Building Information

The Spurtz Cannon is a tower given out by the Brukkarg War, where you had to attack the Brukkarg War five times successfully in order to obtain a Spurtz Cannon. Defeating the Brukkarg Tribe once more would earn you another Spurtz Cannon to use in your yard, whereas defeating them one last time would make your Spurtz Cannons turn black diamond, making them slightly stronger.

Spurtz Tower Building Button

The Spurtz Cannon as it appears in the Defensive Tab.

This tower defends your yard by sending in a wave of what looks like magma, similar in appearance to the Magma Tower. However, the "magma" this tower shoots are really live Spurtz that will attack the nearest monster that dares try to attack the base. The Spurtz that come out of the Spurtz Cannon are the same level as the ones the player can hatch. The Spurtz are also different sizes, although it does not affect their combat ability. The Spurtz can also be buffed by a nearby Fomor, like any other monster.

Though many people may fear that an endless wave of monsters defending a base may be too overpowering, the Spurtz Tower has a few flaws. The Spurtz it sends in to fight will die only a few seconds later if it has not already been killed. Also, the tower itself does not turn very fast to face enemy monsters. It is quite slow.

The health is somehow low, so you will probably have to place it near reasource banks or storage silos to make it an unlikely target for catapults.

Land Air
Living Ammo Unable
Spurtz of Varying Sizes

Upgrade Progression


This Defensive Tower is made by Inferno resources; it cannot be fortified.


Structure Level Resources Needed Upgrade Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Range Number of Spurtz Fired Average Damage per second HP Town Hall Level Required
Bone-icon Bones Coal-icon Coal Sulfur-icon Sulfur Bone-icon Bones Coal-icon Coal Sulfur-icon Sulfur
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 300 3-4 200 N/A
2 500,000 375,000 250,000 5d 250,000 187,500 125,000 350 4-5 300 7
3 1,000,000 750,000 500,000 7d 750,00 562,500 375,000 400 5-6 350 8
4 3,000,000 2,250,000 1,500,00 10d 450 10-15 400
5 12,000,000 9,000,000 6,000,000 14d 8,250,000 6,187,500 4,125,000 500 500 9

Building Progression

Spurtz Cannon Normal Damaged Destroyed
Normal Spurtz Cannon 1 Spurtz Cannon 1 Damaged Spurtz Cannon 1 Destroyed
Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon Black Spurtz Cannon Black Damaged Spurtz Cannon Black Destroyed


  • It is the first tower that can be obtained by an event.
  • Its Yard Planner icon is similar to a picture of Spurtz.
  • It is the first Tower to have infinite amounts of Monsters as an ammo (although it only uses one kind).
  • It is the only Building to cost no resources nor time to build.
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