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In-game Sprite
Slimeattikus Animation
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionAn unholy biological terror birthed in the fire swamps of the Ganges river, Slimeattikus dissolves foes on contact and fissions when attacked.
Special AbilityFission
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Slimeattkus is a green, slime-like creature(as the name suggests). It has two frog-like eyes, some lines which appear to be hair, and a huge mouth with somewhat dislocated teeth.

Monster Information

"I will overwhelm the defence towers with numbers. Fang is nothing! I am better than anyone!"

Slimeattikus is a monster that was added to the game on May 4th, 2012. It can be unlocked via the Monster Locker if it is at least Level 3 and your Town Hall is Level 5 or above. However, players without a level 5+ Town Hall can only unlock Slimeattikus via the Creature Carnage event. (This event has concluded.)

Slimeattikus has high attack power and a decent amount of HP, and splits when "killed". However, when it splits, its damage and health splits as well. For example, if a Slimeattikus has 1000 max HP and 1200 damage then it dies, the two Slimeattikus that spawn will only have 500 max HP and 600 max damage. Regardless, this ability tends to be useful, especially when dealing with single-target towers such as Sniper Towers .


Unlike any other monster, Slimeattikus has two abilities which do NOT need to be researched:

Slimeattikus Fission Anim
: Slimeattikus has the ability to split into multiple smaller (about half-size), weaker copies of itself when attacked; meaning that 1 Slimeattikus can split to multiple tiny Slimeattikus. At level 6 it makes 7 copies which means 1 extra copy per level. lv1=2 mini slimes lv2=3 mini slimes lv3=4 mini slimes lv4=5 mini slimes and so on.

Acid: (Much like Fang's "Venom" or Korath's "Burn"). Acid allows Slimeattikus to "poison" monsters. The Acid slowly does damage to monsters that Slimeattikus has attacked for an indefinite amount of time. This however, does not work on both Buildings and Champions.

Upgrade Progression

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Movement speed 1 kph 1.1 kph 1.2 kph 1.3 kph 1.4 kph 1.5 kph
Health 700 725 750 800 900 1,000
Damage 850 850 900 1,000 1,200 1,400
Goo cost 27,000 40,500 60,750 90,000 125,000 150,000
Housing space 40 spaces 40 spaces 40 spaces 40 spaces 40 spaces 40 spaces
Production time 8m 20s 7m 30s 6m 40s 5m 50s 5m 00s 4m 10s
Upgrade cost (putty) 2,048,000 2,560,000 3,840,000 4,096,000 6,250,000 8,500,000
Upgrade time 1day 12 hrs 1day 0hr 1day 12hrs 2days 0hr 2days 12hrs 3days 8hrs
Attack to housing ratio 21.25 21.25 22.5 25 30 35
Health to housing ratio 17.5 18.125 18.75 20 22.5 25
Fission 2 3 4 5 6 7


  • It is one of the first 2 non champion monsters that can be obtained via an event.
  • It was released in May 4, 2012 along with Vorg.
  • Octo-ooze was planned to have the ability Fission, but it was scrapped and later reworked for Slimeattikus.
  • Slimeattikus is the third monster to have an ability that is not needed to be reasearched in the Monster Lab , after King Wormzer, and Sabnox.
    • Slimeattikus is the first overworld monster with an ability that doesn't need to be researched in the monster lab in order to unlock.
  • A Slimeattikus that has split is smaller than a Pokey.
  • It is the 2nd monster to have two abilities in total, after Balthazar (3x damage on monsters and Venom).
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