Shiny-iconShiny is the premium resource/currency of Backyard Monsters. Shiny is used in almost everything, and even more. It is the only resource that can be used both in the Overworld and in Inferno. Shiny is a purchased resource/currency, this means that you can only obtain it by using real money or Facebook Credits

Uses of Shiny

Acquiring Shiny

There are some ways to aquire Shiny:

  • You are given 1,000 free Shiny upon building the General Store in the tutorial. This will be the majority of the free shiny you can earn.
  • Players can "Gift Shiny" to friends.
  • Purchase using Facebook Credits. (If you play through Kongregate you can use Kreds.)
  • Some quests reward Shiny upon completion.
  • Picking mushrooms has a chance of rewarding you with 3 or 8 Shiny. Note: A worker must be free to pick mushrooms.
  • There are rare special events that give free Shiny. The Halloween of year 2010 had rewarded players 100 Shiny upon opening the giant pumpkin.
  • D.A.V.E. Club membership gives you 1000 Shiny per Month.


  • The Halloween Event is the only event to reward Shiny.
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