Sabnox Animation.


Sabnox is like a ranged Project X . It's unique because it is the first ranged monster that targets defense towers. While tanky monsters take the damage from the Defensive Towers, Sabnox can shoot its fireballs from a distance. It has a decent amount of damage to boot, so it is excellent at attacking when paired up with high health Tanks like Crabatron as they stall the Defensive Towers while Sabnox deals the damage. Sabnox when enraged with 10 million putty makes it almost invincible .

Something important to note is that Defensive Towers will usually aim for the monster that is closest to it. So if Sabnox happens to be alone in attacking the Defensive Tower, but a nearby monster is attacking a nearby building that is close the the Defensive Tower, it might target that monster instead of Sabnox.

Moreover, Sabnox deals double damage when attacking defensive towers. Also Sabnox can shoot 3 fireballs per second. So that makes it's total damage to : 700 x 3 x 2 = 4200 damage at level 1. That's an incredible amount of damage. So imagine an army of 15 Sabnox : 4200 x 15 = 63000 damage per second. But it would be recommended to be paired up with tankier monsters that aim for defensive towers, such as Crabatron. Also pair it up with Fomor. These two suggestions work well against high damage towers, such as railguns and tesla towers.


Sabnox can be thought of as a weaker D.A.V.E. It doesn't do as much damage and has less HP. However, Sabnox is faster than D.A.V.E. and costs less to make, takes less time, and needs less housing space. So if your bunker combination calls for a bit of Housing Spaces, but still needs a reliable anti-air attacker, Sabnox may be the right monster. When defending in Inferno , a swarm of Sabnox can easily kill a King Wormzer . A swarm of Sabnoxes is very powerful , it might even destroy the feared PPX . It will be better if Sabnox is paired up with Fomor. Sabnox can shoot 3 fireballs per second, making the total damage 2100 at level 1. Sabnox buffed with Fomors are quite powerful because Fomor can help with Sabnox's poor health.

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