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In-game Sprite
Sabnox Animation
ClassTower Destroyer
Favorite TargetDefensive Tower
DescriptionWith heat resistant skin and aerodynamic bodies, Sabnox can traverse the magma flows of Inferno as easily as the ashy terrain. Their voracious appetites make them deadly to defensive towers.
Special AbilityDouble Damage while Attacking defensive towers
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Monster Information

Sabnox is a snake-like monsters with hands that appeared in Wave 32 of the WMI and in WMI2.

Sabnox is one of the few monsters that can attack from a distance naturally, the others being Teratorn and Fomor. It shoots fireballs at ground and air enemies. Sabnox has quite high attack power, allowing it to kill monsters without getting hurt. But if the enemy monster targets Sabnox, it will likely defeat Sabnox, as it doesn't have a high healh.

Upgrade Progression

Note: Stats are edited by Jackkkin2000.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Movement Speed 1.7kph 1.7kph 1.9kph 2.0kph 2.1kph
Health 1120 1260 1400 1650 1900
Damage 700(1400) 825(1650) 950(1900) 1075(2150) 1200(2400)
Magma Cost Magma-icon180,000 Magma-icon270,000 Magma-icon435,000 Magma-icon600,000 Magma-icon990,000
Housing Space 80 spaces 80 spaces 80 spaces 80 spaces 80 spaces
Production Time 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s
Upgrade Cost Sulfur-icon2,457,600 Sulfur-icon2,457,600 Sulfur-icon4,915,200 Sulfur-icon7,372,800 Sulfur-icon9,830,400
Upgrade Time 2d 2d 4d 6d 8d


  • It is the second ground Monster which can attack at a distance. This first one was D.A.V.E with Rockets, however, you need to unlock it in order to use it.
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