Rezghul Animation


Meet Rezghul, the newest Monster on the block, he's only obtainable in the Hell-Raisers event, and the most expensive Monster to hatch. However all of these risks for getting Rezghul is worth it. Read the guide to see why.


Rezghul boasts very high health and high damage, having 10,000 health and 1200 damage. But that's nothing when you see Rezghul's amazing ability, reanimate which revives dead Monsters. This is essentialy useful for lengthy attacks, and once you pair up Rezghul with some D.A.V.Es and some Zafreeti, this works for a deadly combo.

First, we'll discuss about Rezghul's ability, "Reanimate", which revives dead Monsters in battle. This ability is extremely useful. If one of Rezghuls allies die, Rezghul will use a "Reanimation Ball", wherein Rezghul shoots it to the spot where that ally died, and instantly, the ally will be revived. The Reanimated Monsters will still retain most of their original aspects, full health, full damage, and its ability. The only differences from the regular Monsters and the Reanimated Monsters is that they lose their Favorite Targets and their color. Reanimated Monsters have a paler, darker tone in their sprites.

Next, we'll discuss about Rezghul's characteristics. Rezghul has very balanced stats, high health and high attack, making it quite versatile. However, Rezghul's Favorite Target are Defensive Buildings. This means that Rezghul does not only stall Defense Towers with its high health, but are also able to destroy them quickly with its high damage. The other thing we can say about its characteristics is that Rezghul is a ranged Monster. With Rezghul having high damage, Rezghul can easily destroy short ranged Towers like the Cannon Tower and the Laser Tower without being hurt. With that in mind, Rezghul is like Sabnox but with much more health or a weaker, Tower targeting, D.A.V.E with rockets. However, Rezghuls ranged prowess cannot hit Flying Monsters, which is a bit of a dissapointment.

As we have discussed Rezghul's pros, we'll now discuss about his cons, although the cons are not many.             Rezghul, like any other Monster, can still be instantly killed by Eye-ra, though this is not much of a con as every non-Champion, even D.A.V.E, can still be killed by level 6 Eye-ras. Another con we'll discuss is how expensive and costly this Monster is. This Monster costs a whopping 3 Million goo, which is the most expensive among all Monsters! Not only that, but Rezghul also covers the most number of Housing Space, even more than Zafreeti, with a massive 250 Housing Space per Rezghul. So if you're planning to use multiple Rezghuls, prepare to have your goo amount depleted, and the amount of Rezghuls you would make is only a few.

In conclusion, Rezghul is a great Monster to use for attacking, but is extremely expensive to hatch.


Unfortunately, Rezghul cannot be placed into the Monster Bunker, which means it cannot defend yards.

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