The Resource Pod is in every way, other than graphics, the Infernal equivalent of the Storage Silo. However, due to the slight differences between the Inferno attack system and the Overworld attack system, there are different methods of placement.

Differences in Placement of Silo and Pod

The Silo acts as a good catapult repellant - no one wants to lose resources by catapulting a Silo. Due to this, Overworld Yards tend to have Silos that are spread out all over the Yard, protecting as many towers as possible by repelling the Catapult, which, while it protects your towers, may sometimes make it easier to reach your Silos.

In Inferno, there is no Catapult. So there is no need to place your Pods al over the place to defend your towers. Try to keep them as far inside your Inferno Yard as possible, preferably close to your Compound, so that they are as best protected as possible.


Similarities in Placement of Silo and Pod

Silo Death Traps work in the same way as Pod Death Traps, but you do not spread your Pods around to deter monsters from looting all your Pods quickly as you would on top. Forget not about Malphus ses that jump. The wall-downing abilities of Valgos and King Wormzer also should let you see that clumping your Pods together in a Big Dumb Bunch and surrounding them with your toughest defenses is the best way to go. Not sightly, but more effective than dispersed Pods with less protection.

See the Storage Silo/Guide page for more information.

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