This type of Outpost is no longer in the game. However, there are two new types of Outpost for the Map Room 3.


The Outpost can be built by destroying 90% of a Wild Monster Tribe's base or an outpost of another player. As of June 9th 2012, The cost to takeover an outpost varies on the value of the outpost you are taking over. For the 6 hexes around your main yard, the cost is 50% less. They are effectively additional yards, but with only one worker and with limitations on how many buildings of each type can be placed. There is currently no limit on how many outposts a player can build. Outposts can produce their own monsters and resources, and players can trade these between their main yard and their other outposts. Outposts are primarily used to expand the range of which a player can attack, or to simply generate resources while protecting their main yard. The Outpost town hall has a different appearance to that of the original Town Hall. The outpost also adds 2 million capacity.

For more information on Outposts and Building Availabilities visit this page: Outpost (Building)

If you built buildings on an outpost, you can't recycle them.

Choosing a Starter Kit Upon capture of an outpost, players have the option to choose from one of three starter kits; regular kit, mega kit, and Ultra kit. Each kit contains a variety of buildings to help a player start building a successful outpost. But there is no kit with pathing or eye-ra bait.

NOTE: Your Outpost worker is still available for use when starter kits are being constructed.

Regular kit Mega kit Ultra Kit
Appearances OutpostLarge OutpostMega OutpostUltra

Twigs-icon 12,000,000

Pebbles-icon 12,000,000

Putty-icon 6,000,000

Twigs-icon 50,000,000

Pebbles-icon 50,000,000

Putty-icon 25,000,000

Twigs-icon 200,000,000

Pebbles-icon 200,000,000

Putty-icon 100,000,000

Sniper/Cannon Tower 3x Level 5 4x Level 6 4x Level 8/Fortify 1
Laser/Tesla Towers 1x Level 1 Tesla 2x Level 1 2x Level 3/Fortify 2
Railgun Tower x x Level 3/Fortify 2
Air Defense Tower x x 2x Level 5/Fortify 3
Bunkers 1x Level 1 2x Level 1 2x Level 3
Housing Level 2 Level 3 Level 6
Hatcheries 2x Level 2 2x Level 3 2x Level 3
Hatchery CC x Yes Yes
Harvesters 8x Level 8 8x Level 8 16x Level 8
Flinger and Catapult Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Blocks 24x Stone Blocks

68x Metal Blocks

100x Gold Blocks 100x Black Diamond Blocks
Booby Traps x 20x Level 1 20x Level 1
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