Lord Moloch (Moloch Tribe)
—Image © Kixeye
WorldInferno Only
Event(s)Inferno, Monster Madness, Hell-Raisers
World Map?Yes (Hell-Raisers)
Quote"You'll never survive down here!"
AvailabilityInfinite (Moloch's minions)
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"Your reign of the backyard has come to an end! I am Moloch, Lord of Inferno, and I'm here to shake up your pathetic little world! Prepare to meet your doom!'"

 -Moloch - introduction


Lord Moloch, more likely known as the Moloch Tribe, is the 5th Wild Monster Tribe introduced in the game as well as the only one found on Inferno. This Tribe has introduced the Inferno Expansion.

Lord Moloch

Moloch is well known for using his Inferno Monsters. Moloch uses all kinds of Inferno Monsters (as there are only 8 of them), and the kind of Monsters will vary on your level. He will attack only a very few times above ground if you do not have your own Inferno base yet, and that you have upgraded your Town Hall to Level 5. The above ground attacks signify that you can now enter the Inferno Cavern and attack Moloch himself.

Moloch has 13 bases. (reduced to 7 as of Febuary 2012) The bases are more powerful in the deeper parts of the cavern. His final base is designed into the symbol of the Pentagram.

Moloch has appeared in multiple events. He has appeared in Inferno and Hell-Raisers. In Hell-Raisers, he and his minions have raised their Inferno Bases into the World Map. You will have to destroy these bases in order to get prizes.

Moloch also has a pet named Korath, which abandoned him for putty<More Info>

Moloch's Minions

Moloch's Minions are as the name suggests, Moloch's underlings. The Minion's bases are scattered throughout the Inferno map. They are plentiful, and replenishes in amount. 

The design of their bases vary, and differ in the amount of resources that you would obtain. You get lower resources on bases which Compound do not have any Monsters. Their designs always involve the Under Hall being at the center of the base. 

Like Moloch himself, his Minions uses all kinds of Inferno Monsters, and the kind and amount will depend on your level. There has been a glitch when Moloch's Minions uses Crabatrons and Project Xs when attacking your Inferno base. The glitch has been fixed.


Bugs and Glitches

  • Moloch's Minions will attack you using Crabatrons and Project Xs. (FIXED)


  • Moloch actually breaks the fourth wall, he states that you are a hacker after you destroy one of his bases.
  • Moloch is actually based on an Ammonite God associated to child sacrifice, and has the same name. This coincides with the fact that Moloch is the "lord" of Inferno. 
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