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In-game Sprite
Malphus Animation
Favorite TargetHarvesters, Town Hall and Silos
DescriptionThe "sneaker" of Inferno, Malphus always looks like it's plotting someone's demise. It's multiple legs enable it to move fast and leap over walls. Protect your harvesters and Resource Pods from this one.
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Monster Information

Malphus is an Inferno monster, obtained early in the Strongbox. It has very low health, much like Bolt, high speed, and also possesses the ability to jump over walls.

Due to Malphus's fragility, it must be protected by other monsters. Once the other monsters are flung in, Malphus can proceed to the nearest Resource Building, walled or not, and start attacking it. Once it is finished looting, it can then jump over more walls and reach a Storage Silo or Resource Pod, jumping over the wall that protects it.

Upgrade Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Movement Speed 3.2kph 3.2kph 3.2kph 3.2kph 3.2kph
Health 450 470 500 540 580
Damage 100 105 110 120 130
Magma Cost Magma-icon9000 Magma-icon10,500 Magma-icon12,300 Magma-icon13,200 Magma-icon16,500
Housing Space 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces
Production Time 5m 5m 4m 30s 4m 30s 4m 30s
Upgrade Cost Sulfur-icon76,800 Sulfur-icon76,800 Sulfur-icon153,600 Sulfur-icon230,400 Sulfur-icon307,200
Upgrade Time 18h 18h 1d 12h 2d 6h 3d


  • Malphus legs looks like fingers.
  • Malphus is the first non-Champion land Monster to have animation.
  • It is the only monster that can jump over walls.
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