The Magma Tower is a fast-firing tower that targets one monster and constantly shoots at it until it is dead. It does a decent amount of damage every shot, but it has low range, and can be taken down by a small mob of monsters.

Monster Counters

  1. Ichi (Group)
  2. Octo-ooze (Group)
  3. D.A.V.E. with Rockets
  4. Teratorn (Small Group)
  5. Sabnox (slightly)
  6. Project X

Counter Mechanics

  1. Large group of tanky monsters.
  2. Ranged monsters(Only for non-upgraded Magma Towers).


The Magma Tower is quite weak if the defender did not upgrade it too much. However, if they did, your tanky monsters may have a bit of trouble taking soaking up the damage for your other monsters. It does a good amount of damage output to a single monster, so send in a group of tanky monsters at it, while your other monsters can attack the base unhindered.


It will take some time and effort to get your Magma Tower upgraded to a good level, but if you do, it will help greatly in defending your base. Place a durable building(Resource Gatherer)in front of the Magma Tower to be a decoy, so that it can attack monsters that target anything. They will be busy attacking the decoy building while the Magma Tower fires away.

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