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Tower Description

Fires bursts of magma rock that do massive damage.

Magma Tower

Building Information

The Magma Tower requires a Level 3 Under Hall to build.

This tower will defend your base by rapidly firing bursts of magma at a single enemy monster. It will keep firing at the same monster until it dies. It will then cool down for a second, then fire at the next enemy monster in its range.

The Magma Tower has a somewhat poor range, so it cannot protect very many things. Nevertheless, it will almost always destroy a single monster in a matter of seconds.

Land Air
Constant Fire Constant Fire
Magma Rocks

Upgrade Progression


  • The Spurtz Cannon's design is somewhat similar to the Magma Tower, except that the Spurtz Cannon fires living Spurtz instead of Magma.
  • Among all of the aerial targeting Defense Towers, the Magma Tower has the shortest range.
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