Legionnaire Tribe
Legionnaire Tribe
—Image © Kixeye
WorldBackyard Only
Event(s)Wild Monster Invasion
World Map?Yes
Quote"We're just getting warmed up!"
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The Legionnaire Tribe is one of the four original Wild Monster Tribes in Backyard Monsters

The Legionnaire Tribe is arguably the weakest out of the four. This is due to the fact that they have the lowest resource yield out of the four. Their original base only used Sniper Towers and Cannon Towers. They are the very first Tribe to attack you and that you will attack in the game, due to the tutorial.

The Tribe uses Tower Targeting Monsters such as Octo-ooze for attacking. At levels 1-15, they use Octo-oozes, 16-25, they use Ichi along with a few Banditos. And at higher levels, they use Crabatrons for attacking.

Prior to the World Map 3 update, the Legionnaire Tribe uses only Sniper Towers and Cannon Towers to defend their base. As these towers are their specialty, the amount of these exceeds the limit of which an average player is able to build. They usually use around 9 of each. The Legionnaire Tribe also has the lowest resource yield. Due to this, most players tend not to attack this Tribe.

Oddly and uniquely, in the World Map 3 update, the Legionnaire Tribe uses the original Kozu Tribe base. Nothing is changed, although they still have the lowest resource yield. Another odd thing is that there is a Stronghold at the far east of a Level 30 Legionnaire Tribe base.



  • Legionnaire was the 3rd skull for the Victory Totem Pole for the Wild Monster Invasion, although it is the topmost skull of the Totem Pole.
  • The Town Hall of a Level 35 Legionnaire base has a lower level compared to a Level 30 one, strangely.
  • Although the Legionnaire Tribe's base in the World Map 3 update is exactly the same to that of Kozu's, the Legionnaire Tribe ironically still has the lowest resource yield out of the four, even though the Kozu tribe has the highest.
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