Kozu Tribe
Kozu Tribe
—Image © Kixeye
WorldBackyard Only
Event(s)Wild Monster Invasion
World Map?Yes
Quote"Our source of power is a secret."
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The Kozu Tribe is one of the four original Wild Monster Tribes in Backyard Monsters.

Out of the four, the Kozu Tribe is the Tribe that most players tend to attack most, due to good reasons. First, this particular Tribe yeilds the most resources, they give a high 5 million resources with the exception of goo being 2.5 million. Second, their bases are relatively easy to destroy, and due to the fact that many players like to attack this Tribe, there are many strategies. (Most popular is using Fomor, Pokeys and Octo-oozes.)

When they attack you, they use a variety, usually general Monsters like Pokey, Fink and Fang, along with resource looters like Bolt. They usually send in a great amount of each kind, so a player should prepare their defenses well when the Kozu Tribe decides to attack them.

Their original base, prior to the World Map 3 update, is perhaps the largest amoung the four. The Kozu Tribe will specialize in pathing and masonry, so expect that their blocks would be quadruple more as the amount of a regular player could build. The Kozu Tribe's base is most popular to attack, because as mentioned before, they wield the most resources out of the four. There are many strategies to attack this base. Wormzer bombs, Fomor + Pokey + Octo-ooze (Most Popular) and many more.

The World Map 3 Kozu base still has the most resources yield. This time, their design greatly differs from their previous design. Unlike that of before, where they focus on masonry, pathing is almost absent from this design, taking more of a box yard design, although much more improved.

Interestingly, the Legionnaire Tribe has taken the original Kozu Tribe design in the World Map 3 update.



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