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In-game Sprite
Korath Animation
RangeMelee (Ranged with Abilities)
DescriptionSpawned in the magma pits of Inferno, Korath uses his massive body and fiery core to eliminate enemies.
Special AbilityBreath of Fire Fists of Doom
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Monster information

Korath is the fourth Champion that is introduced in the game. 

In accordance to stats, Korath is well-balanced. Although Korath's stats aren't as high as Gorgo's health, or Drull's damage, Korath does not lack in any aspect. Korath is also the only Champion to actually have abilities. To make it even more special, Korath has abilities. The first ability is already innate/built into Korath, while the other two must be unlocked by an event.

Korath was first obtained by an event called Monster Madness, wherein you must take over Outposts in order to fill in a quota. Korath will only be obtained once you fill the quota up to 100%. To get his abilities, you must fill up the quota to 200% to get his ability "Breath of Fire", while you must fill up the quota into 300% to get Korath's "Fists of Doom".

Korath was also obtained in Hell-Raisers. It can be obtained in the event prize store. Korath itself costed 12,000xp, and each of its abilities costed 8,000xp.

  • Monster Madness has been conducted twice in Backyard Monsters.
  • KIXEYE no longer updates Backyard Monsters, which means that there are no other ways to get Korath for players who haven't obtained it yet, unless by hacking.


Korath has 3 abilities, which makes Korath unique because Korath is the only Champion to have abilities.         Here is the list of Korath's abilities:

  • Burn - Korath's attacks will burn the target, dealing damage over time. (Request for amount of damage burn does and how long it lasts.) Unlike the other 2 abilities, it does not need to be unlocked, and it is innate.
  • Breath of Fire - Usable at Level 4, Korath will fire a ranged fireball at aerial targets, dealing a fourth of the damage Korath would do to ground monsters. It is obtained once you fill the quota up to 200%.
  • Fists of Doom - Usable at Level 5, Korath will hit the ground, causing a Quake Tower effect that will hit nearby Buildings and ground Monsters. It also allows Booby Traps to be seen when hit with Korath's ability. Korath does this attack every 4th hit. It is obtained once you fill the quota up to 300%.

These abilities make Korath as valuable as he is, however, Korath's abilities can only be obtained via an event. Once you get Korath, you must fill the quota up again until you get its "Breath of Fire" ability and its "Fists of Doom" ability. Note that once the event is finished, and you did not get its abilities, you must wait for another event in order to obtain its abilities.

Monster Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Damage 2,000 2,400 3,000 3,800 5,000 6,500



Health 28,000 62,000 96,000 120,000 144,000 175,000 176,000 177,200 178,700
Speed 1.4 kph 1.6 kph 1.8 kph 2.0 kph 2.2 kph 2.4 kph 2.6 kph 2.7 kph 2.9 kph
Buff 0% -
Food Spurtz 20 SpurtzZagnoid 10 Zagnoid


ZagnoidSabnox 2 Sabnox

Sabnox 6 Sabnox Sabnox 10 Sabnox King Wormzer3 King Wormzer

Feed or revert to the last bonus

3 Feeds

to next level

6 Feeds

to next level

9 Feeds

to next level

12 Feeds

to next level

15 Feeds

to next level

1 Feed to first Bonus 1 Feed to next bonus

1 Feed to next



Exclusive Footage of Korath

Exclusive Footage of Korath


  • Korath is an Inferno Monster but, like all the other Champions, he cannot be placed in Inferno himself.
  • Korath is the only Champion to be fed with Inferno Monsters.
  • Korath can defeat all other Champions of the same level, however a level 1-3 Korath cannot hit a level 3-6 Fomor yet.
  • A level 4 Korath with the Breath of Fire ability is able to defeat a level 6 Fomor.
  • Korath is the most expensive Champion to feed.
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