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King Wormzer
King Wormzer
—Image © Kixeye
In-game Sprite
King Wormzer Animation
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionA highly evolved version of Wormzers, King Wormzers are uglier and meaner than their cousins. Their burrowing abilities and armored bodies make them deadly to anything that has the misfortune of getting in their way.
Special AbilitySplash Damage
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Monster Information

" Long time no see, cousin, it's been a while."

King Wormzer is a monster that appeared in the WMI 2 and is available in Inferno. King Wormzer is also the last monster to be unlocked in the Strongbox. While it may seem weak at Level 1 compared to D.A.V.E., at Level 6 it can deal more damage than a D.A.V.E. Unlike Wormzer, it has natural splash damage of 4,800 at level 1. This makes King Wormzer a great fighter, as it can kill weak monsters just by popping up. King Wormzer no longer has this ability since the Map Room 3 update.

Upgrade Progression

Note: Stats are provided by World War 3.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Movement Speed 2.5kph 2.6kph 2.7kph 2.8kph 2.9kph
Health 6,200 7,600 8,700 10,900 13,100
Damage 1200 1360 1630 1920 2220
Magma Cost Magma-icon1,275,000 Magma-icon1,428,000 Magma-icon1,740,000 Magma-icon2,100,000 Magma-icon2,730,000
Housing Space 100 spaces 100 spaces 100 spaces 100 spaces 100 spaces
Production Time 2h 15m 2h 15m 2h 15m 2h 15m 2h 15m
Upgrade Cost Sulfur-icon4,915,200 Sulfur-icon4,915,200 Sulfur-icon7,268,000 Sulfur-icon9,216,000 Sulfur-icon13,624,000
Upgrade Time 3d 3d 6d 9d 12d


  • King Wormzer is the first monster to be related to another existing monster, Wormzer.
  • King Wormzer, Valgos, and Wormzer are the only monsters that can dig.
  • Unlike his cousin Wormzer, he has a drill instead of a horn.
  • King Wormzer will run to the closest monster near his compound to attack, instead of digging.
  • King Wormzer's stats were secretly nerfed. It used to be stronger than D.A.V.E in terms of health .
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