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Inferno monsters background


Inferno (Event)
Inferno Event
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RequirementLevel 5 Town Hall
DateDecember 2011 - January 2012 - Present
Reward(s)Inferno Base/Under Hall
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A 10.0 earthquake has revealed a mysterious structure outside your yard. Its unstable nature means it could change at any time. All signs point to an event of epic proportions on January 12th. Are you ready for the hellish creatures that wait inside?


Reward Image Reward Name Requirement(s)
Under Hall Under Hall Destroy all of Moloch's Inferno Bases

Event Information

Inferno is an event held in the game Backyard Monsters which started December, 2011 up to January, 2012 and became a permanent event in the game.

Late December 2011

It started around late December (Around Dec. 25 - 31), wherein you would get an earthquake which attacks you with a wave of Wild Monster Invasion 2 Monsters. Once you survive the wave, a notification will popup stating that there is a crack that will appear at the far west of your base.

After a few days, another earthquake will happen, and also another wave of the WM2 Monsters. After that, a new Wild Monster Tribe will appear before you, named as the MolochMoloch Tribe. Their leader, known as Lord Moloch, will state that he will "shake up you patethic little world" and take over your base. During subsequent earthquakes, he will talk to you about how "weak" the Overworld Defenses and Monsters are. 

Early January 2012

Around early January (Around Jan. 3 - 9), the subsequent earthquakes will make the crack slowly reveal a growing cave, which is known is the Skull of Doom. Once the Skull of Doom has fully grown, Moloch will state he can go up and down as many times as he likes. This gives you a chance to fight back and attack his Inferno Bases.

The Main Event

Once the Skull of Doom has fully grown, you can now enter the cave and attack his bases. There were Thirteen Bases before, but now it has been reduced to Seven.

Inferno Cavern Descent Map

The descent Map before you get your Inferno base.

As you progress deeper, newer Buildings are seen, as well as newer Defenses. When you attack the Seventh Base, Moloch will state that your Monsters will not survive the Sulphuric Air, this Sulphuric Air will give a Damage over Time effect to your Monsters, much like Fang's Venom ability. As you go deeper, the Sulphuric Air will Damage More. 

The final base is of course the most poweful one. It features all the Defenses and Hazards and has the most powerful Inferno Monsters like Balthazar and King  Wormzer defending it. (Update: The defending Monsters are now only 2 Balthazars and 1 KW.)

The Base also looks like a pentagram of some sort.

Moloch's Last Base

Once you have destroyed his final base, Moloch will state that his "beautiful base" is destroyed and that you "haven't seen the last of me".

Once the final base is destroyed, you will now acquire your very own Inferno base and you get to use the Inferno Resources that you have Looted when you were attacking his bases.



  • Moloch states you are a "Hacker" when you destroy one of his bases.
  • This was the first Permanent Event in the game.
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