The Incubator is equal to the Hatchery. The guide for Hatchery applies to the Incubator too.

Unlike the hatchery,the Incubator is a Key for Defense.

Why Defend it?

  • If your Compound is full, Monsters stay in the Incubator. So they are good backups for extra monsters in the Compound.


  • A Finished yet (Unproduced due to full compound space) Balthazar along with A Couple of Zagnoids is a good tactic for extra defense (Only if you have a couple of Balthazars with King Wormzers)
  • A Finished yet (Unproduced due to full compound space) Valgos (Around 5 since you can have 5 incubators) can be useful (As backup if anything dies) if your compound has Balthazars and at least 2 or 3 King Wormzers.
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