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Converts Magma into flesh and blood monsters to do your bidding.

Building Information

The Incubator is a building that will hatch any monster you have unlocked at a certain cost of Magma. Its funtion is completely the same as the Hatchery.

However, the role it plays in the Inferno is quite different from the Hatchery in the overworld. Inferno Monsters, like overworld monsters, can still be produced even if the Housing/Compound is full. When a monster finishes producing, it will wait in the Incubator/Hatchery until there is space for it to enter the Housing/Compound. Monsters in the Compound, unlike the ones in the Monster Housing, will come out and fight hostile monsters when they are in range. Monsters that wait in the Incubator can join the fray as soon as one of the monsters in the Compound dies.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Upgrade Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Queue Slots Under Hall Level Requirements HP
Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal
1 Bone-icon 2,000 Coal-icon 2,000 15m 1m Bone-icon 1,000 Coal-icon 1,000 2 1 Compound 4,000
2 Bone-icon 21,227 Coal-icon 49,529 1h 2m 30s Bone-icon 11,613 Coal-icon 25,764 3 3 Strongbox 16,000
3 Bone-icon 93,600 Coal-icon 218,427 12h 5m Bone-icon 58,413 Coal-icon 134,978 4 4 - 32,000

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