Hell-Raisers 2


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RequirementWorld Map 3
DateMarch 21, 2013 - April 1, 2013
Reward(s)Multiple Rewards
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Moloch, a sneaky underworld overlord, has grown tired of his domain and is ready to make a play on yours. His minions don't play fair. Keep your wits on you..
There's something eerie happening in the New World Map. A brand new monster resident, Rezghul, has been popping up in places you'd least expect. It seems wherever he goes, chaos ensues. Think you can tame him? Prove it March 21st!


Note: There rewards are all rewards from previous events except Rezghul. The 2 Victory Totem Poles, and Krallen were the only rewards that were not included.

Reward Image Reward Name Requirement(s)
Rezghul Temporary Rezghul 20,000 xp
Korath Korath 12,000 xp
Korath Animation Breath of Fire (Korath) 8000 xp, Korath
Korath Sig FoD 2 Fists of Doom (Korath) 8000 xp, Korath, Breath of Fire
Spurtz Cannon 1 Spurtz Cannon 5000 xp
Spurtz Cannon 1 Second Spurtz Cannon 5000 xp, First Spurtz Cannon
Spurtz Cannon Black Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon Upgrade 5000 xp, Two Spurtz Cannons
Vorg Vorg 2000 xp
Slimeattikus Slimeattikus 2000 xp

Event Information

Hell-Raisers is an event held on March 21, 2013 and lasted up to April 1, 2013. It is the only event that was held on 2013 and currently the only event that was held in the World Map 3.

The main focus on this event is about the Monster known as Rezghul, which has the ability to revive dead Monsters in battle. Rezghul can be obtained via the event prize store. Currently, this is the only event that rewards Rezghul.

The event prize store, which was the first one held in the game, allows you to obtain rewards from previous events such as Korath and the Spurtz Cannon. The only rewards that were not obtainable in this event were the Victory Totem Poles and Krallen. This feature is much like those from other KIXEYE games such as War Commander and Battle Pirates.

The currency that was used in order to obtain them are exp, which you earn by destroying Moloch's bases in the World Map 3. The amount of exp given once you destroy the Under Hall depends on what level the base is. Moloch's bases will replace the WMTs in the World Map 3 during the event.

  • Each level of Moloch's bases have 3 types, which vary on design. These are:
    • Type A
    • Type B
    • Type C
  • All of the Compounds in these bases have Rezghul.
  • The amount of exp obtained by destroying Moloch's bases will also depend on your level. For example, if a level 50 player destroys a level 50 base, he will just earn 330 exp. But if a level 20 player destroys a level 50 base, he will earn 900 exp (that is, if he could destroy it).



  • This was the first event that allows you to obtain rewards from previous events.
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