In-game Description

Invisible to the enemies until it's too late, Heavy Traps use a specialized trigger that only fires when the most powerful monsters step on it, but cause the splash damage to all nearby units.

Building Information

The Heavy Trap is a trap that is specially designed to destroy very strong monster. It will activate only when one of the following monsters step on it:

When these monsters step on it, the Heavy Trap activates and deals extreme damage to all monsters within range. The damage dealt is up to 10 times more powerful than a regular Booby Trap.

Although only the monsters listed above can trigger the Heavy Trap, it will damage all monsters in range, including flying monsters.

Land Air
AoE on site of Trap AoE when land steps

Building Details

Resources Needed Building Time Resources Recycled Damage
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty
Twigs-icon 50,000 Pebbles-icon 50,000 Putty-icon 50,000 5s Twigs-icon 25,000 Pebbles-icon 25,000 Putty-icon 25,000 10,000

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Triggered
1 Heavy Trap Heavy Trap Destroyed


  • An Eye-ra can "disarm" a Heavy Trap by exploding on a Block near the Heavy Trap.
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