Converts Goo produced by the Goo Factory into the creatures you have unlocked in the Monster Locker..

Building Information

The Hatchery is a building that allows you to hatch monsters you have already unlocked. Each monster is diffferent, and each cost a different amount of Goo to make. It will still work even with 50% damage or lower. Even if it is destroyed, and it is already finished hatching a monster, it is protected no matter what. Build a Hatchery Control Center to control all hatcheries you have built at once.

Upgrade Progression

Structure Level Resources Needed Upgrade Time Repair Time Resources Recycled Queue Slots Town Hall Level Requirements HP
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles
1 Twigs-icon 2,000 Pebbles-icon 2,000 15m 1m Twigs-icon 1,000 Pebbles-icon 1,000 2 1 Housing 4,000
2 Twigs-icon 21,227 Pebbles-icon 49,529 1h 2m 30s Twigs-icon 11,613 Pebbles-icon 25,764 3 3 Monster Locker 16,000
3 Twigs-icon 93,600 Pebbles-icon 218,427 12h 5m Twigs-icon 58,413 Pebbles-icon 134,978 4 4 - 32,000

Note: Structure Level 1 Repair Time is estimated.

Building Progression

Structure Level Active Damaged Destroyed
1 Hatchery 1 Hatchery Damaged 1 Hatchery Destroyed
2 Hatchery 2 Hatchery Damaged 2
3 Hatchery 3 Hatchery Damaged 3

Hatchery Overdrive Stages

Structure Level Level I Level II Level III
1 HatcheryLvl1OverDriveLvl1 HatcheryLvl1OverDriveLvl2 HatcheryLvl1OverDriveLvl3
2 HatcheryOverDriveLvl1 HatcheryOverDriveLvl2 HatcheryOverDriveLvl3
3 Hatchery 3 Overdrive 1 Hatchery 3 Overdrive 2 Hatchery 3 Overdrive 3
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