Gorgo 6
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In-game Sprite
Gorgo Animation
DescriptionDiscovered inside the Bermuda Triangle, Gorgo is a powerful 'tank' monster of simian origin.
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Monster Information

"Gorgo the Great! Rumble In The Jungle!"

Evolve Gorgoto Level 6 and watch him "go bananas" on your enemies. Gorgo is best for defense, because it can survive very long and also it can survive direct hits by 24 Heavy Traps or you can use it to take lv6 + Bonus 3 Drull.

Pros: Very High Health, Great for Defending. Also great for taking out Drull, if the attack uses Drull. Can take out other Gorgos if he has either higher or same health. Then he can do some major damage to the champ.

Cons: Slow Speed, Slow Health Regeneration, Bad for attacking. Gorgo isn't the smartest, he follows monsters around and attacks what they attack(Or maybe Gorgo attack any building resources/silo/Defensive near it. Which can be good if your using D.A.V.E.s or Bolts, but never really works.)
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6

Monster Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Damage 1,000 1,200 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 +150 (3,150) +180 (3,330) +270 (3,600)
Health 40,000 80,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 200,000 +12,500 (212,500) +15,000 (227,500) +22,500 (250,000)
Speed 1 kph 1.2 kph 1.4 kph 1.6 kph 1.8 kph 2 kph +0.1 (2.1kph) +0.1 (2.2kph) +0.2 (2.4kph)
Buff 0% -

Octo-ooze 15 Octo-ooze

Octo-ooze 10 Octo-oozeIchi 5 Ichi Ichi 20 Ichi Crabatron 10 CrabatronIchi 10 Ichi Crabatron 10 Crabatron Feed or revert to the last bonus
3 Feeds

to next level

6 Feeds

to next level

9 Feeds

to next level

12 Feeds

to next level

15 Feeds

to next level

1 Feed to first bonus 1 Feed to next bonus 1 Feed to next bonus

Monster Evolution

1st Stage 2nd Stage
Gorgo 1 Gorgo 1 Gorgo 2 Gorgo 2
3rd Stage 4th Stage
Gorgo 3 Gorgo 3 Animation Gorgo 4 Gorgo 4 Animation
5th Stage 6th Stage
Gorgo 5 Gorgo 5 Animation Gorgo 6 Gorgo 6


  • Gorgo has armor at level 4.
  • Level 1 Gorgo and Level 6 Fomor have the same maximum health.
  • Gorgo is the slowest champion monster.
  • At level 1-2,Gorgo's teeth stay at its mouth.
  • A level 1-3 Gorgo has no armor at all.
  • Starting from level 3, it has some muscles in the body.
  • At level 5-6,Gorgo's claws are covered by blood.
  • Gorgo and Korath have the same body.
  • A good way to kill a Gorgo to attack a base smoothly is to send about 5-10 level 2-6 D.A.V.E.s with Rockets,about 5 Zafreetis,the higher the level the better and a fomor,best is a flying one.
  • Gorgo is most suitable to be a defensive tower monster due to the stats.
  • Gorgo's eyes are green.
  • It is known to have a gold or bronze armor.
  • It is said that it was discovered at the Bermuda triangle.
  • Gorgo's sprite at level 5 is bigger than it's level 6.
  • A level Gorgo 4 Is bigger and tall than a Level 4 Drull
  • So far, gorgo is the only nerfed champion, after the champion monsters was released, Gorgo stats is 240,000 HP and the same speed and damage as the level 6 with bonus 3,but it was nerfed to the level 6 normal stats, this happens on many shiny users.
  • At level 1-4,it's claws seems to be normal and spiky,until level 5-6, it is shown to have a metal claws.
  • Gorgo's name come from a Dinosaur named Gorgosaurus.
  • Gorgo have muscles in it's chest in lvl.3 and lvl.4
  • Gorgo dissapears on Backyad Monsters Unleashed (iOs)
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