Fomor 6
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Fomor Animation
DescriptionKnown in the northern isles as the "Flying Frog of Death", Fomor's presence provides a "buff" to your monster army.
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Monster Information

Fomor is a flying Champion that shoots five green plasma balls per second. These balls do little damage, but they allow Fomor to be ranged.

Fomor is a support Champion. That means that he is not specifically made to attack or defend, but to help an army of monsters win a battle. When attacking with Fomor, all monsters in range of Fomor gets buffed. The monsters move faster, they attack faster, and take less damage from enemy fire and monsters. For this reason, Fomor is the top priority for any base to kill, because Fomor is causing the buff. Without the buff, the monster army Fomor was supporting will become easier to defend.

While defending, bunkered monsters get buffed, making the base harder to take down.

Should I Get This Champion?

There are a few things you must consider before getting Fomor:

    Do you like farming with large groups of monsters?
    Do you know how to attack with an army very well?
    Do you know how to place your Monster Bunkers?
    Does the idea of a support Champion appeal to you?
    Do you think a flying frog of death is cool?

The more you said yes to these questions, the more likely you will succeed with Fomor.

Monster Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Damage 70 (350dps) 80 (400dps) 90 (450dps) 100 (500dps) 110 (550dps) 120 (600dps)

+3 (123) (615dps)

+3 (126) (630dps) +4 (130) (650dps)
Health 15,000 17,500 20,000 22,500 25,000 40,000 +1,000 (41,000) +1,200 (42,200) +1,800 (44,000)
Speed 1.2 kph 1.4 kph 2 kph 2.1 kph 2.2 kph 2.3 kph +0.1(2.4kph) +0.1(2.5kph) +0.2 (2.7kph)
Buff 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% +3% (63%) +3% (66%) +9% (75%)
Food Bolt 10 Bolt Bolt 20 BoltBrain 2 Brain Bolt 40 BoltBrain 5 Brain

Bolt 30 Bolt Brain 10 Brain

Brain 20 Brain

Feed or revert to no bonus
3 Feeds

to next level

6 Feeds

to next level

9 Feeds

to next level

12 Feeds

to next level

15 Feeds

to next level

1 Feed to first bonus 1 Feed to next bonus 1 Feed to next bonus

Monster Evolution

1st Stage 2nd Stage
Fomor 1 Fomor 1 Fomor 2 Fomor 2
3rd Stage 4th Stage
Fomor 3 Fomor 3 Fomor 4 Fomor 4
5th Stage 6th Stage
Fomor 5 Fomor 5 Fomor 6 Fomor 6


  • It's the only champion that can fly.
  • One Level 6 D.A.V.E. with rockets can kill a Level 6 Fomor without any help from either side.
  • Fomor has the lowest health as a champion.
  • At level 6 it has the same health of a level 1 Gorgo.
  • Fomor has the lowest damage of the champions.
  • It only eats two kind of monsters: Bolt and Brain. This means it is the champion with the least kind of monsters to eat.
  • It is the best champion in kozu farming.
  • It is always fomor's tail whip on the ground.
  • It is a monster and a champion that can fire plasma (Firebolts for Sabnox,and Teratorn,Giant firebolt for Korath,Blue healing bolt for Zafreeti) long range.
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