A Farm is defined as a Yard that:

  1. Has little, ineffective, or no defensive placement
  2. Has plenty of resources
  3. Is repaired frequently, maintaining it's farmability

Common Farms include Wild Monster Tribes, especially Kozu Tribes, and other players that have poor Yards.

Wild Monster Farms

Typically, they are more effective in Map Room 2 due to the lack of ADTs that they somehow have in Map Room 1. However, they give a pathetic amount of Goo, hindering multiple lootings in a day unless the Player already has a suffiecient economic base.

Level 42 Kozus make the best fams, giving 7-8 million of everything other than Goo, and 3-5 million Goo. Just a Level 6 Korath, 2 Zafreetis introduced one at a time, and 3 D.A.V.E.s will do the trick. 100,000 Putty Rage can be considered. With other champions, more support may be needed. Continuous looting of high leveled Kozus also works in your favour if you are aiming for a Krallen.



  • Yield high Twigs, Pebbles, and Putty
  • Easy and once you get the pattern, even easier


  • Low Goo yield
  • Seem to only be effective in MR2 due to presence of more farms
  • Stiff competition for WMT farms
  • Occasional absence of sufficient farms

Human Farms

Emperors (big Empire builders) are good farms. Their Outposts give a relatively high amount of loot due to the Emperor's high resource supply, and they sometimes have too many Outposts that one more or one less is nothing. Note that they sometimes may forget to repair the Outposts.

Other human farms tend to give high numbers of every resource. Just beware that these human are sentient...and vengeful.



  • High Resource yield
  • Emperors may ignore looter


  • Farms may toughen up, or fight back, draining your own resources in a war
  • Farms may lose interest in the game, causing you to lose a farm
  • In MR2 many players have Yards too strong to be farmed
  • In MR1 there is only so much you can loot conveniently

Ending comment

While good Farms are nice and everyone wants them, they tend to be few and far between. After all, all humans are smart enough to become un-farmable, and WMTs are all too soon driven out of their homes to create new towns. The remaining WMT Farms will be under constant fire from everyone else, so you'd be lucky to even find ONE farm.

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