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In-game Sprite
Fang Animation
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionFang's bite releases a toxic venom which liquidates any target.
Special AbilityVenom
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Fang is a red scorpion-like monster. It has two far, spaced-out eyes, and a lower jaw lined with sharp teeth. In its Monster Lab picture, it is shown to be where its venom is secreted. It has two sets of metallic claws, and a tail with a deadly-looking stinger.

Monster Information

"You thought Black Widows are dangerous? Well you haven't seen the likes of me. My fangs can take down any Wall , Tower or Resource Building. Send me into battle, I live for this type of stuff!"

Fang is a mid game monster that boasts great attack power, but very low health and high Goo Cost. Fang is very difficult to use well, given its low HP. It will most likely die in one shot by a Defensive Tower. In addition to the fact that Fang costs a lot of Goo, it is not recommended to make Fang your army's main attacker. Rather, Fang should be a monster that is flung in when other monsters simply aren't dealing enough damage quickly enough. On the upside, Fang gets faster the more you upgrade him, so it may help in getting to its target to deal at least some damage, instead of dying in one shot by a Defensive Tower.

When defending, Fang is a mixed bag. Its high damage output will put a serious dent in the enemy monster's army, but Fang will have to be replaced often, as they will die easily. With Venom, Fang can keep giving damage to enemy monsters even after Fang is dead.

Special Ability


Fang Lab

Fang Venom

Fang injects venom into the veins of his enemies, which continues to cause damage well after the bite. This ability is in the second batch of released abilities. Its main use is to damage Champions when attacking and to help prevent other monsters from destroying your base.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Venom Damage Putty-icon Putty Time Venom Damage Putty-icon Putty Time Venom Damage Putty-icon Putty Time
60 Putty-icon 2,000,000 1d 12h 120 Putty-icon 3,000,000 1d 12h 186 Putty-icon 4,500,000 1d 12h

Upgrade Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 1.1kph 1.2kph 1.3kph 1.4kph 1.5kph 1.6kph
Health 400 400 400 400 400 400
Damage 600 600 620 660 720 800
Goo Cost Goo-icon 18,000 Goo-icon 27,000 Goo-icon 40,500 Goo-icon 60,500 Goo-icon 80,000 Goo-icon 100,000
Housing Space 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces 30 spaces
Production Time 7m 30s 5m 50s 4m 10s 3m 45s 3m 15s 3m 15s
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon512,000 Putty-icon512,000 Putty-icon512,000 Putty-icon756,000 Putty-icon1,024,000 Putty-icon1,440,000
Upgrade Time 1d 16h 12h 16h 1d 1d 12h 2d


  • Fang's old artwork didn't have a tail.
  • Fang and Zafreeti are the only monsters that does not increase in health after an upgrade.
  • Fang with venom can take down a D.A.V.E. provided that the Fang manages to attack D.A.V.E. before it is killed to activate the venom.
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