Drull 6
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In-game Sprite
Drull Animation
DescriptionCovered in red obsidian scales, this two-headed beast delivers overwhelming damage during attacks.
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Monster Information

"Drull the Destroyer! CHOMP! CHOMP!"

Evolve Drull to Level 6 and swallow your enemies whole!

Drull is one of the 5 Champion Monsters. His strong suit is attacking and, to a lesser extent, moving fast.

When attacking other yards, Drull will quickly run to any building and chomp down on it with his amazing strength. However, Drull is not so high in health, so a good amount of attacks from Defensive Towers and enemy Monsters will send any Drull fleeing the battle.

When defending your yard, Drull will get to an enemy monster very fast, and will greatly injure the enemy Monster. More than likely, Drull will kill the Monster. The way to beat a defending Drull is to use the power of numbers. Though Drull has high damage, he can only attack one monster at a time. Sending in a swarm of Pokeys is the most common and effective way to eliminate a Drull.

Overall, Drull is the champion you want to choose if you like attacking other people.

Monster Statistics

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Damage 3,000 3,600 4,200 5,500 6,500 8,000 +400 (8,400) +480 (8,880) +720 (9,600)
Health 12,000 20,000 36,000 42,000 52,000 60,000 +2,500 (62,500) +3,000 (65,500) +4,500 (70,000)
Speed 2 kph 2.2 kph 2.5 kph 2.8 kph 3.2 kph 3.6 kph +0.1 (3.7 kph) +0.1 (3.8 kph) +0.2 (4.0 kph)
Buff 0% -
Food Pokey 30 Pokey Pokey 20 PokeyFink 15 Fink Bandito 25 Bandito Bandito 5 BanditoFang 18 Fang Fang 30 Fang Feed or revert to the last bonus
3 Feeds

to next level

6 Feeds

to next level

9 Feeds

to next level

12 Feeds

to next level

15 Feeds

to next level

1 Feed to first Bonus 1 Feed to next bonus 1 Feed to next bonus

Monster Evolution

1st Stage 2nd Stage
Drull 1 Drull 1 Drull 2 Drull 2
3rd Stage 4th Stage
Drull 3 Drull 3 Drull 4 Drull 4
5th Stage 6th Stage
Drull 5 Drull 5 Drull 6 Drull 6


  • Drull cannot defeat a Gorgo of the same or higher level, if both are at full health.
  • A level 1 Drull can defeat both a level 1 and a level 2 Fomor.
  • Drull, when fully buffed, is the second fastest monster(tied with Wormzer ). The fastest monster is Balthazar.
  • Just 7 Heavy Traps will send any unbuffed Drull fleeing.
  • Drull at level 1 deals more damage than a level 6 D.A.V.E
  • It takes EXACTLY 11964 Shiny to feed Drull from Level 1 to 6.
  • It is the only Champion that has only 1 syllable in his name unlike the other four.
  • It takes 5 Level 1 D.A.V.E.s with with huge putty rage to kill a Level 6+Bonus 3 Drull.
  • Drull can be beaten by the 4 champions by 1v1,except for a level 1-2 fomor Drull can easily beat it.
  • Drull is the only known monster that has 2 heads.
  • Drull is almost go back,go again to attack monsters when defending.
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