Dreadnaught Tribe
Dreadnaught Tribe
—Image © Kixeye
WorldBackyard Only
Event(s)Wild Monster Invasion, Monster Blitzkrieg
World Map?Yes
Quote"Science will prevail!"
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The Dreadnaught Tribe is one of the four original Wild Monster Tribes in Backyard Monsters

The Dreadnaught Tribe uses mostly Brain when attacking. The amount of Brain they send are staggering, usually around 40 on Levels 10-25, and more than 100 around Levels 30 and up. The swarm is usually accompanied with no other kind of Monster during the attack. At higher levels, they still use Brain, but sometimes they would use Teratorns and D.A.V.E.s, although this is quite rare.

Before the World Map 3 update, their bases are known to have multiple amounts of Laser Towers and Tesla Towers. The amount is much more than an average player could obtain. Although they lack the uses of Cannon Towers and other types, the Lasers and Teslas make up for a rather uber defense.

As of the update in World Map 3, they still use the "futuristic" Defense Towers, the amount has been reduced to what the average player could build. However, they now use other Defensive Buildings. They are only Tribe to use Aerial Defense Towers, and the placement of their defenses have been improved.



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