Damage Protection

Damage Protection protects a player from enemy attacks. There are different Damage Protection rules for different situations. NOTE: Wild Monsters can still attack while Damage Protection is active unless it is the Paid Protection. Damage Protection is cancelled if you attack another player before it runs out.

Starter Protection

Starter Protection is given during the start of the game, and it lasts for 1 week. It used to last for 30 days, then it's shortened to 14 days, and finally 1 week.

Main base Damage Protection

18 hours of damage protection is given when the main base is more than 25% but less than 50% damaged. If the main base is more than 50% damaged, 36 hours of Damage Protection is given. If a person was attacked by the same person 4 times an hour, an hour of Damage Protection is given, and if a person was attacked by the same person 10 times a day, 24 hours of protection (map room level 2) is given or the victim is removed from the attacker's map room (map room level 1).

Player Warning: If player had Map Room Level 2, and has suffer damage and is currently on Damage Protection, it can be remove even if a monster tribe is picked for the player's attack (only if it in range of the DP base(s))

Outpost Damage Protection

Outposts give 12 hours of Damage Protection when it's first taken over, when the outpost is both 25% damaged and attacked 3 times in an hour, 8 hours of damage protection is given. By not reaching 3 attacks in an hour, you can deal as much damage to the outpost as you like, and no damage protection will be given.

Damage protection can also be bought with shiny. The only difference betweem this paid protection and the normal protection is that it comes in lengths of 1 day, 7 days and 28 days and wild monsters can't attack you unless they're attracted by the baiter.