General information

The Chaos Factory is a building that a player can build in the backyard, but requires Inferno resources to build.
Chaos factory

The chaos factory

In this building you can build Chaos weapons that you have unlocked and used to battle

Building and Upgrading

Level Cost

Construction Time

Repair Time

Prerequisites HP
Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal
1 Bone-icon 1,500,000 Coal-icon 1,500,000 1d 1h

L1 Under Hall

L1 Chaos Lab


Creating Chaos Weapons

Level Cost Construction Time Prerequisites
Bone-icon Bone Coal-icon Coal Sulfur-icon Sulfur
1 Bone-icon 28,648 Coal-icon 14,324 Sulfur-icon 28,648 4h Unlocked Loot o Tron in the Chaos Lab
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