Brukkarg Tribe
—Image © Kixeye
WorldBackyard (Can use Inferno Monsters)
AvailabilityEvent Only
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For the event (Creature  Carnage), click here.

For the event (Brukkarg War), click here.


Brukkarg resembles a tree. He has moss all over his body. He has a skull like face with some big, branch-like arms, he has long legs that have been bended and he is seen in a hunchback position, his stance seems to be a frog's stance. And a bird is seen roosting on one of his branches.


The Brukkarg Tribe is the 6th Wild Monster Tribe introduced in Backyard Monsters.

This Tribe, unlike the others, cannot be fought on a regular basis. The Tribe is only known to appear in events, such as Creature Carnage and Brukkarg War. Each of these events involve attacking the Tribe's bases in order to win. The Brukkarg Tribe has introduced two Monsters into the game, which were Vorg and Slimeattikus.

The Tribe, uniquely, copies your base in the Brukkarg War event. The Tribe uses some Spy Monsters (No details currently known about them) in the event. These Spy Monsters are responsible for the Tribe copying your base.

Currently, the last time this Tribe can be fought was during the Brukkarg War event.


  • The Brukkarg Tribe is the only Tribe that cannot be fought regularly, and only appears in events.
  • Brukkarg, having a Tree-like appearance, may be based on an Ent/Treant, mythical tree creatures with humanoid characteristics.
  • This Tribe specializes on "espionage", as said in the Brukkarg War event. The fact that the Brukkarg Tribe copies your base and uses "Spy" Monsters support this.
  • The Tribe is also the only Tribe to utilize both Overworld and Inferno Monsters and Buildings. 
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