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In-game Sprite
Bolt Animation
Monster Locker Level1
Favorite TargetHarvesters, Town Hall and Silos
DescriptionBolt is fast as lightning and can run ahead of your other monsters to munch on buildings with its razor sharp teeth.
Special AbilityTeleportation
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Bolt is a centipede-like monster. It has purple eyes, eight sharp fangs, and a forked tongue. It has a long, skinny neck that extends down to the front of its body. On that spot is a gaping hole that glows yellow. Its body is made of a dark blue skin, and it has twelve skinny legs.

Monster Information

"What's faster than a speeding bullet? Me! I'm great for sprinting into enemy bases and devouring Resource Buildings. Gather some goo and start hatching me!"

Bolt is an early game monster with very low health, low damage, but very high movement speed. It can be produced relatively quick compared to other looters. Bolt targets Resource Gatherers, Storage Silos, and Town Halls. As with all looters, Bolt loots up to four times more resources than other monsters. Since Bolt targets Storage Silos, it can be used as a very cheap minesweeper to get rid of a Silo Death Trap.Bolt is also the first monster to have a special ability.

Special Ability

Bolt Lab

Bolt Teleportaion


In-game Description

  • Adds the ability to blink, increasing speed.


  • When this ability is unlocked, Bolt will be able to teleport to its target quickly. This is helpful when attacking purely to steal some loot, as most towers will not be able to hit Bolt until it teleports to its target. Also, Bolt teleports right over Booby Traps, and sometimes through Blocks.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Blink Range Putty-icon Putty Time Blink Range Putty-icon Putty Time Blink Range Putty-icon Putty Time
150 Putty-icon 48,000 1d 300 Putty-icon 72,000 1d 450 Putty-icon 108,000 1d

Upgrade Progression

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 2.5kph 2.55kph 2.6kph 2.8kph 3kph 3.2kph
Health 150 150 150 150 150 150
Damage 15 20 25 35 45 55
Goo Cost Goo-icon 350 Goo-icon 675 Goo-icon 1,015 Goo-icon 1,400 Goo-icon 1,800 Goo-icon 2,400
Housing Space 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces 15 spaces
Production Time 23s 23s 23s 23s 23s 23s
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon16,000 Putty-icon16,000 Putty-icon32,000 Putty-icon48,000 Putty-icon96,000 Putty-icon144,000
Upgrade Time 2h 4h 6h 8h 12h 24h


  • With its teleportation ability, Bolt is the fastest monster in the game.
  • Bolt's original color was yellow.
  • In a 1v1, a single Pokey can defeat about 8 Bolt of the same level.
  • When Bolt's teleport is unlocked, and you move a Housing with Bolts in it, they will teleport to the new position of the Housing as soon as it is able to.
    • A bug causes a Bolt that just came out of a Hatchery to teleport to the housing, but slowly walk back to the spot where it would teleport to the Housing.
    • It is one of the monsters that changed its sprite which looks like the new artwork, alongside with Project X and D.A.V.E.
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