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In-game Sprite
Bandito Animation
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionBandito's thick exoskeleton and impeccable accuracy make it the perfect monster assassin.
Special AbilityWhirlwind
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Bandito is a cyclops-like monster. It has green, scaly skin except for its belly, which is white and smooth.Its back has purple scales protruding out, much like the dinosaur Stegosaurus. It has two strong arms which it uses to walk around. Its eye is yellow, and it has very long tusks.

Monster Information

"You've unlocked me, and now I will do your bidding. Consider me your monster assassin - send me into battle and I will destroy anything in my path. Don't believe me? Hatch me and see for yourself."

Bandito is a mid game monster that has balanced stats. It has a good amount of HP, attack, and has a reasonably low amount of Goo Cost and Housing Space. Its only weak point, however, is its speed. Bandito's speed is at an abysmal 1.00 kph, making it hard to get into the fray quickly. Bandito's HP will help somewhat in taking some damage before Bandito reaches its target, but it usually isn't enough against Sniper Towers. If teamed up with faster monsters that can take more damage than Bandito, however, those monsters can soak up the damage, while the slower Bandito proceeds to munch on its target with its respectful attack power.

Bandito's overall decent stats are excellent when it comes to defending. Bandito can take a few hits, it can deal a great amount of damage, and its low Housing Space make it viable for putting a whole mob of Banditos inside a Monster Bunker. The Whirlwind ability, once unlocked, makes Bandito an ever better defender.

Special Ability

Bandito Lab

Bandito Whirlwind


Bandito starts spinning around, creating a whirlwind that damages enemies around him.


Upgrading this ability increases the rate at which Bandito attacks. With this ability, Bandito can damage all enemies around him, making him a good defender against mobs of enemies.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 1kph 1kph 1kph 1kph 1kph 1kph
Health 500 550 600 650 750 900
Damage 200 250 300 350 400 450
Goo Cost Goo-icon 2,500 Goo-icon 4,500 Goo-icon 6,750 Goo-icon 8,750 Goo-icon 11,200 Goo-icon 14,400
Housing Space 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces
Production Time 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 45s 3m 3m
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon256,000 Putty-icon256,000 Putty-icon512,000 Putty-icon756,000 Putty-icon1,024,000 Putty-icon1,440,000
Upgrade Time 1d 4h 12h 16h 1d 1d 12h 2d


  • With the Whirlwind ability, a full bunker of banditos can kill a group of Ichis,even with the support of a Zafreeti.
  • It is the opposite of Fang. While Fang has high damage, Bandito has high health.
  • In it's original design it didn't have a tail.