Balthazar Animation

Note: The info in the guide is based on the known stats and behavior of the monster, and might not be accurate.


Balthazar is very useful for destroying compound Monsters. It can destroy bunker monsters like Octo-oozes in one hit, or at full level, this menace could destroy level 1 D.A.V.E.s at 4 hits due to the fact that it has triple damage on monsters. If there are no more Monsters to kill, Balthazar, as with all other Monsters, will destroy any building near to it, which is very useful due to the fact that at full level, Balthazar has half of Damage and more than half health of a level 1 D.A.V.E. Unfortunately, Balthazars can be damaged by all of the towers, due to the fact that it is semi flying, all of the major threats like Booby Traps, ADTs, and more can hit Balthazar, which is a downer, also, it's extremely fast the even Putty raged Zafreetis cannot chase it, or it will rush to Monsters like Eye-ra which can hit it without it's airburst, kill it immediately. Although it has it's flaws, Balthazar is still an excellent choice to unlock.


Balthazar is amazing at defending. It can kill weak monsters like Spurtz , Pokey , Bolt , and Fink in one hit. Since its damage is tripled when attacking other monsters, Balthazar can also kill monsters with a bit more HP like Octo-Ooze in one hit. One of the better ways to defend is to pair up Balthazar with Valgos. Balthazars will destroy the faster, weaker monsters, while Valgos attacks the bulky land monsters. All in all, putting Balthazar in a bunker is a great idea.

Some good monsters to use with Balthazar are:

  • Valgos (read above).
  • King Wormzer (can destroy a swarm of weak monsters with its splash, something Balthazar has trouble with).
  • Wormzer (same as King Wormzer, but if you need the splash damage giver to be faster at the cost of less damage).
  • Fomor (buff).
  • Drull (reaches enemy monsters around the same speed as Balthazar to help it fight.).
  • Bandito (Whirlwind can kill Swarms of Weak Monsters, while Balthazar kills High Health Monsters, Also cheaper than Valgos at the cost of Health).
  • D.A.V.E (can destroy buildings using Rockets)
  • Eye-ra (Balthazar reaches and kills Eye-ra baits easily so that Eye-ra can hit much more powerful threats)


Balthazar is, however, questionable about whether its cheetah-like speed is an advantage or not. Balthazar might accidentally rush into a baiting Eye-ra and die, but this saves other monsters in the bunker from dying. Balthazar can reach its target quickly, but if it reaches a mob of monsters, Balthazar will die. Depending on the situation, Balthazar's speed can help or hinder. When Bunkered , flying monsters like Zafreeti , Vorg , Teratorn and Fomor can easily be killed by three Balthazars .

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