The ADT tower is the most important tower in the game, without it, your base is a direct target from Flying monsters. You have to protect your ADT tower as much as possible. Most people think that ADTs between 2 Silos is the best placement, but that is not the case. While it is good that they are un-catapultable, you have to try to get hit most out of them. You need to make it so that the tower pathing gets flying monsters into their range, and stay there until they are dead.
  • Aerial Defense Towers don't affect land monsters.
  • Put ADTs at spots where you think flying monsters would come.
  • Note that ADTs are extremely effective on Air monsters. Hence, placing your ADTs to kill Zafreeti is important for defending your base from detailed attack.
  • It is wise to put Aerial Defense Towers near silos, but it's not the best placement.
  • It's smart to pair Aerial Defense Towers with Snipers and Teslas since they both can repel flying and land monsters.
  • They are also known as AA towers or ADT in the forums
  • Aerial Defense Towers are extremely effective at killing Fomors.
  • Make sure your Aerial Defense Tower is well protected from land monsters .
  • Do not put your Aerial Defense Tower outside your base as they will be easily destroyed by Octo-oozes or ichi
  • Make sure you place them in a strategic spot like near the middle of the base where it has a high coverage of your base.
  • This is one of the strongest towers in the current metagame. The other one being the Railgun Tower.
  • The AA tower has a high range, abuse it
  • If there are less flying monsters than the salvo amount, then the AA tower will fire more than one shot on a single monster, so its not advised to send a lone teratorn unless you like taking 4200 damage from a level 6 AA tower
  • You may repel zaf combos with this tower
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