Abunakki Tribe
Abunakki Tribe
—Image © Kixeye
WorldBackyard Only
Event(s)Wild Monster Invasion
World Map?Yes
Quote"We'll be back for your bones!"
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The Abunakki Tribe is one of the four original Wild Monster Tribes in Backyard Monsters.

The Abunakki Tribe is perhaps the oddest among the Tribes. Their bases are heavily ridden with Booby Traps, and they use mostly Eye-ra in theier attacks and whatnot. Although the Tribe has many oddities, many players tend to attack the Tribe because their bases are very easy to destroy and they yield a surprisingly high amount of resources.

The attacks of the Abunakki Tribe is perhaps the easiest to defend from. They mainly use Eye-ras mixed along with some other Monsters (usually Bolt or Brain) when they attack. Although they use Eye-ra, the amount they send in is rather few, even for higher-level players. The most Eye-ras they usually send are no more than 7, and they usually send Bolts as their other Monsters, obviously not threatening at all. The best way to defend your base from them is to use Eye-ra Bait.

Their original base is another oddity. They suffer from a lack of walls. However, to compensate, they amass their bases with Booby Traps. Their bases are heavily ridden with it. Lower level players who have not yet unlocked Ichi may find it a bit hard to attack them, although they could send in Pokeys to minesweep the Traps. At higher levels, they are much easier to destroy as the players would have already unlocked Zafreeti, D.A.V.E. and have Champions. 

As for their new base, they have a somewhat 3 sided base, and have much less Booby Traps. Their Town Hall is placed in the center, and Monster Bunkers surround them. These Bunkers often do not have anything stored inside them, and they lack Aerial Defense Towers, so there's really nothing to worry about.



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